10 Smartphone Gadgets you should buy

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10 Smartphone Gadgets you should buy

10 NanoHold(http://www.nanohold.com/)
9 GEKKOPOD (http://gekkopod.com/)
8 iblazr 2 ( http://iblazr.com/)
7 Snap Power Charger ( http://www.snappower.com/)
6 Nikola Labs Phone Case (http://www.nikolalabs.co/)
5 ISOCASE ( http://isominds.net/)
4 The Light Phone (http://www.thelightphone.com/#thelightphone)
3 BETTER RE (http://enlighten.today/)
2 Phree ( http://otmtech.com/)
1 nexpaq (http://nexpaq.com/)


Gunzee says:

I just realised how bad the wall sockets in America are, sure they have nice looking surprised faces  but am  mistaken in seeing a fully open live socket(s)? Is it really that easy for a child to electrocute themselves with say just a fork? The uk has a very safe design, the top socket (earth) needs to be pushed in to reveal the two lower sockets. That's why the ground on our plugs is slightly longer than the other two pins. It's a simple yet safe design and something that others should consider taking. I know slightly off topic but when watching the usb faceplate thing I just saw how unsafe it is.

Knight B says:

Why would I use a light phone over my smart phone?

Never know when you need to look something up for help.

Jessa Mae Reyes says:

I want that #5 and #6 looks so cool.

Antony Gregory says:

awesome inventions

ryushev2000 says:

50% of all phone accessories extend battery life but there is a much cheaper and simpler solution!
get a fking android phone

Damon May says:

i can deal with ads i can deal with buffering bu when ads buffer

Wch How says:

What product is the ring thing in the video image that u first see

JXIJackson says:

the thumbnail is bullshit

Israel Figueroa says:

nikola phone case rocks

GUHoyas777 says:

After 2 years of use batteries still have 80% of efficiency? you guys have obviously never heard of an iPhone

Travis Robertson says:

We need to go to Fry's Electronics Brad

DarkBungleX says:

What the fuck is with American outlets that they have screws that are actually connected to the power supply!?

Tribe.of.Benjamin® says:

is it worth risking the flat screen tv on the wall with nano hold? as if it falls you are fucked

Youssef Elzayyat says:

why does everyone hate Samsung

tbirdind says:

I'm good on the NanoHolds. The only thing worse than somebody jacking their phone 30 feet into the air for a selfie is sticking their phone to your door/frames/other stuff clearly not able to support the weightof a phone for said selfie.

Neo Muñoz says:

The Nikola Labs case sounds kinda sketchy, but the suction cup thing seems cool. Anyone know if it wears out after a certain amount of time? I might buy it.

Ron Thompson says:

your video didn't show that to ring at the start of the video,who makes the watch ring,is it real,if it is where can I get one.

adam darras says:

correct me if i'm mistaken but i think nano-holds work loke the feet of a gekko

David Kinders says:

When that "free energy case" is on the market, Apple of Samsung will have a new design.

Brian Vail says:

of all the names you choose, you choose "better re." wtf is a 're'

Tanel Murd says:

i dont think nanohold can work longer them some month, after that phone will start falling off stuff….

"Better re" showing how to use old samsung battery to keep an iphone alive , what an irony :D

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