Scientist Calls Use of Fetal Tissue in Medical Research Essential

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An anti-abortion group responsible for secret recordings of workers at a women’s health care organization claims the workers shown are offering baby parts for sale, a charge the organization strongly denies. While the selling of fetal tissue is against the law in the United States, abortion and the use of donated fetal tissue for medical research are both legal. VOA’s Julie Taboh reports.

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merry clingen says:

you people are a bunch of morons. Of course the videos are edited for TIME! Would you really sit through hours of people having lunch? The editing is not very careful, and very obvious, and the company who made the videos have made the originals available, in case anyone has loads of time and a lot of patience to watch them. Who are you going to believe, Cecile Richardson, who makes $400.000.00 /year for promoting abortion, or people who do this out of a desire to save babies?

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