Peak Cannabis Dispensary Tour Denver – Recreational & Medical Marijuana – Smokers Guide TV Colorado

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Close – While in Denver, Uncle Stoner visits the Peak Dispensary, a modern marijuana dispensary serving both medicinal and recreational consumers. They stock a a wide selection of high quality cannabis, extracts and edibles.

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Estevan says:

Lisa's hot

puppup zera says:

shes an air head

Michael Dixon says:

I live in a state where growers think thc is produced in the root system of the plant so they hang there plants so "the thc will run to the buds" people here are so ignorant about the cannabis plant it is ridiculous. I know people who have never seen high grade until I showed them and the herb was so strong they thought I had laced it with something, my point is I have spent most of my life learning the ends and outs of the plant but I live in a state where my knowledge is useless. I need to move to Colorado pronto I feel I would be appreciated there.


working here would be so good

LiamBTV says:

this is fucking beautiful. i hope i'm alive when the uk does this

grim reader says:

peak is shit live 4 blocks away go to wellspring

MarkBTW says:

Sweet Grass Kitchen makes some seriously impressive edibles.

Iwasthewalrus says:

Will you marry me, Lisa?

milfsucker siop says:

You can just tell, that Blonde girl could get u high as a kite take u to the back and give u one Hell of a Blowjob…

John Wick says:

are the strains really that much different from one another… like if you're comparing two indica strains?

Ryan Cobb says:

she's so hot

Most Hated says:

Blondie's cute.

jgurule35 says:

you just witnessed uncle stoners shop

jgurule35 says:

by the way the worker laughs you must be the owner, taking vids… yup

Mr.10 DOG! BONES! says:

explain more on what you doing

Bryant Goins says:

what about oregon uncle stoner. we have better bud. and high sales

Shaun Crumpler says:

so hyped to move to Colorado from Miami in January can't wait

Make art not war 74 says:

so ready to leave Florida and move to Colorado! …ughhh ;)

allah akbar says:

small ass nugs not frosty dark look like some bobby brown playyin some rock music gtfo

NothingItsJustNo says:

I can hear ACDC, TNT. Best song ever!

Texmex89 says:

That girl is stoned lol

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