Software Inc | Part 1 | The Easy Route

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Lets begin our journey to the top of the ladder of software development! Or to financial ruin, or both!

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Outro AND intro animation:

Outro music – Kevin MacLeod – ‘Sneaky Snitch’
Intro Music – Kevin Macleod – ‘Rising Game’


Direwolf202 says:

Are you ever going to do a season 2 of this

Ian Callaghan says:

[intelligence 6] subsribe

Kennerfull says:

This game is INSANELY good, playing my 4th company (first to last more than a year), I'm in 1999 an with 1.25 billion on easy. The beginning is really hard, getting mechanics take some time, but once you get a outstanding OS u shall get around 3 millions, then make a medium or large OS and if you suceeded in in a large OS you shall have money do just roll and not having to worry with it again. The OS strategy is really risky since till your second one can EASILY make you go bankrupt but just do other stuff till you have around 800k for fora small os and 3 or 4 people team shall be fine. Two last advices, hire always young employees, and if you have the money TRAIN THEM.

RevoltGamers says:

is anyone having video issues?

That Cool Kid says:

Question: why do they allways have the bathroom light off? Are they secretly taking a crap on the floor?

Augusto Romani says:

Now you have an Argentinian subscriber!Greetings and congratulations on the channel!

Erwin Thomas says:

EXTEND THE WORKDAY!!!! 8 TO 4 IS NOT ENOUGH IN THIS GAME. I would recommend a 7 to 6 workday.

Adam Galbraith says:

I think I have found another series for my mini "Lath-Binge"

Pinkieseb says:

How does one get any where in this game? I copied you exactly, same character traits, same sized building, but I managed to get to 2 employees with 4,000 dollars to spare, but then I did a contract that said it only need 1 person and 0 artists. I couldnt get it done in two months, I was still in the development stage at the end and my employees would not stop fucking eating, they would get up and go eat every 30mins resulting in literally no work done. I ended up going bankrupt after 3 days -.-


Why does your employees cost 300$-500$? Mine costs 5000$

Matthew Leonard says:

It seems I've found a new YouTuber to watch!

Gaming Genius says:

Wait, so Lathrix is your actual name? Wow.

Mason Hobb says:

sooooooo close to 40k CMON THE OCD IS REAL!!!

Kevin Stone says:

Lathrix. Trust me I know. You made the mistake of trying to be a triple A dev with one worker.

Amin8orFX says:

21:52 And the rest is history

MegaAlalil says:

Hello Lathland, I see that you wassnt expecting that many views. I come from facebook, I saw that PC Gamer posted a post about this game, and the game seemed interesting (better verision of Game Dev Tycoon really) and then I went to sreah for "Software Inc Part 1"

Josh Craft says:

lath how come when you hire employees there like 1,000 a month!?!? for me there like 3,000 a month!

The Boey - Minecraft, Trolling, MLG and MOAR! says:

How did u place the objects in a row without having to click it again in the menu

ChocoboXii00 says:

List of potential employees.
55 years old man
He must have experience and be a good teammate early on
Calls in sick the second day. Works. Takes vacations the next day.

>Fired. Hire females.

Nekod BlackAgumon says:

please talk a little bit less i want watch the game progress as well

i/o redstone engineers says:

i love how the arms move ;p

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