Software Engineer: Reality vs Expectations 2

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Dave graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a masters in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering. He then worked for Qualcomm for 4 years in San Diego, CA. After that he started working for startups in New York where he continues to work today.

Dave has his own YouTube channel:

His LinkedIN account is:

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Excucating says:

interview an architect?

Moore Jeff says:

reaearch DIY degree.its would be an interesting episode if you could have this guy on one of your interviews.

MotoBoy says:

Really liked this guy! Good job

Andre Roumer says:

Do you have an automotive engineering video ?

radiospank says:

good interview


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fysh says:

nice video. very informative.

justin hayward says:

Can you do one on chemical engineering?

Anthony Lam says:

Can you interview a structural / civil engineer

Ash T says:

This guy is the epitome of an asian that doesn't age. He looks like a high school kid but has a masters + 4 years in industry after? he's at least 27. holy….

Justin Lang says:

Quick question 🙂 can you tell me how I would find work developing software for a company then get paid for it but as a contractor more like a freelancer?

Johnny CincoCero says:

Can anyone recommend an online institution where I can earn a CS or SE degree? Thanks.

jonh 886 says:

how old are you and that dude u were interviewing?

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