Evolv DNA 200 Full Review + TC Charts + Power Charts + EScribe Software Tutorial + Extras

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Join me for a vape with some popcorn as i review and test the Evolv DNA 200.

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0:06 – Intro
13:32 – Device Walk-thru
29:56 – EScribe Software Tutorial
01:08:37 – TC Tests
01:11:20 – Power Charts
01:17:05 – Final Thoughts

EXTRA: Enter here to all the files and numbers on each DNA 200 device http://www.djlsbvapes.com/dna200/

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Jonathan Garcia says:

Great tutorial/review video. I'm glad I watched it, you always have great videos though. Definitely learned something and I had no idea that the boards were dying like that.

devlinX says:

Daniel, when you get the Wismec Rouleaux rx200 will you find out if the dna200 fits?

Dwaynes BudgetVapes says:

thanks Daniel. I was going to post a very similar video but all my testing was exactly the same as yours. I guess I dont need to now HAAHAA…I'm obviously kidding. fantastic information and tutorial. much appreciated.

Daniel Langner says:

One of the best DNA200 reviews I have seen up to now – and I have watched a lot of them already – you are a star man!! So much information and links to make the DNA200 a much better experience. Great review!!

rob jones says:

That is ace thanks mate your a dude

Ross Mullins says:

I must like pain, but I just finished watching your brilliant video for a second time. This one will go into the annals of vaping history as the definitive DNA200 overview and with the website to back up and facilitate TCR's for the impatient or less sophistaced users well, Daniel, it is a tour de'force amigo. Thanks for your great commitment to the vape community my friend………………Alaskavaper

Helder Pais says:

I try to put the tcr numbers and it shows me that i cant put numbers below 0.001( all the stainless steal wire)…i dont understand wy you can, and i´m not…
I hope you or another subscriber can help me. ;)

James Graham says:

Thanks Daniel, loved your review of the DNA 200 board. You hit my only real complaint, adjust by temp instead of watts!

A small note; when you go to put in the "Special" wire TCR, don't have Escribe at full screen. You may not see the pop-out window (well, that could be just me because my TV is an extended screen of my monitor). I've been really enjoying my Lavabox. Volcanoecigs has the battery csv on-site, mod resistance at 0.007 ohms and other info.

Case thermals hasn't been posted on their site yet but when I asked, Volcanoecigs gave me what they were testing at the time (Nov 17th).

Case Cooling Time Constant: 489.94 (s)
Case Heating Time Constant: 374.17 (s)
Case USB Charge Temperature Rise: 8.09°F
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -20°F
Maximum Ambient Temperature: 110F

Polo65 says:

You get my vote, come on guy's lets give this Man, a vote look at the effort he puts in for us.

Fred Liew says:

Great review as always ! Keep up the good work brother ! Tried the ss 316L profile with the well crown 0.5 ohm coil. Doesn't seem to be vaping as well as power mode. Do u have any other way to get it vaping nicely?

Marco Posocco says:

excellent review Dani!!! five stars

Chris Taylor says:

daniel ty ty ty ty ty my friend you change this for me you are an amazing man you educated me on how to set my device up so well it works 100% better now tytytyso much bro you completely change my vaping experience I have plastered your video in all my dna groups its going to be the new learning standard in the dna world you are amazing my friend ty soo much


good job Daniel….keep it up

Mark Dean says:

Great video. Thanks!

dansus99 says:

Thank you.

Braden S says:

holy crap! awesome job Daniel. Great work editing that video too!

Ivan Qu (Nomad) says:

excellent professional review~~~ all about DNA200

Stephen Bruce says:

Nice job Daniel.   I bet it took you longer to edit that 6 hrs of video down to 1hr 33 min.  I carry with me all the time the VT200, eVic Mini and Reuleaux but the Reuleaux is always a stationary device meaning I rarely walk around with it.    I have other devices but those are the 3 that are always with me.   I really love easy carry devices the most and while I love the DNA200 the simplicity of the eVic Mini is outstanding and it just works, nothing to load into it except the occasional FW Updates.

Lino Iannucci says:

+djlsbvapes thanks a lot

Lino Iannucci says:

+djlsbvapes Hey Daniel just finished watching the whole review I was wondering cus I have the vapor shark dna200 and I just wanna make sure it's correct my watt hours are at 9,99?

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