CNET News – Tech toys and gadgets under $50

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These tech buys won’t break the bank. From a Chromecast to the Amazon Fire tablet, all these gadgets come in under $50 making them perfect stocking stuffers.

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WilSonoMan24 says:

I like the TILE (y)

MeowJW says:

These things scream regifting

Sam Jacks says:

Most of those recommendations were surprisingly really bad.

Utubemanxan H says:

the toilet sorry tile has a 200 ft distance it doesn't find ur phone if u lost it past that distance

Italian Chopper says:

Lexy Savvides is smokn girl next door hot!

Karl Aubin says:

No … Not the drumsticks … Nope …. I can think of many better ideas

Rex says:

The drumsticks sound like a good pair of dildos that make a noise everytime you put it in and pull it out.

ruzzell907 says:

All these goodies and I don't have any money

GMUSIK805 says:

bridget carey sighting

Robert Cohen says:

I bet she has amazing boobs

Skip Aj says:

Small tech gifts I'm asking for:
Phone Projector
External battery
Splatoon for wii u

cakeless coder says:

I lost it when i saw the smashing pumpkins on that screen.

Wilson Guzmán says:

how about buying last gen chromecast. can't beat it for $20 and it does the same function as the 2nd gen.

Cpd Hyrule says:

Those drumsticks were 10/10 cringe worthy

Floriaan Dauga says:

is the weed plant also a good present? lol

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