AMD Crimson Software – How Drivers Should be Done!

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David Yeakle says:

Wait, someone just complemented Radeon drivers?! Is this one of the signs of the apocalypse? Will it start raining blood next?

Tom Kavulic says:

I noticed large frame rate fluctuations and reverted to catalyst 15.11 beta for the time being .
i5 4590 3.3GHz
Gigabyte GZ97X-Gaming 7
16GB GDDR3 1600mhz
Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury 4GB HBM (15.11beta)
Intel 520 Series Solid-State Drive 120 GB
Seagate Desktop 2 TB Solid State Hybrid Drive
1TB WD Blue
Corsair CX750 Builder Series ATX 80 PLUS Bronze Certified Power Supply
Windows 7 Ultimate

JJ, M. says:

What is the difference between Crimson Driver's Standard vs. Minimal install?

Lee Soph says:

This software is balls right now.

JJ, M. says:

So 'CCC' is replaced by 'Crimson'?

How come nobody is mentioning how bad of an installer the new drivers are? If I have to depend on a 3rd-party software to remove previous drivers that is ridiculous.

In this case if you install anything AMD, it's best recommended to restart PC by re-installing OS, huh?

Baruch Binyamin Doron says:

Here's hoping Nvidia updates GeForce Experience with some of these features.

fxc2 says:

I always imagined you as a dark, big-nosed East European looking guy in a tracksuit with a buzz cut and a goatee.

borky10461046 says:

assassins creed syndicate had huge fps boost in my experience

TekReview's says:

i've already had a graphics driver crash after "upgrading" to this Crimson BS. I don't even see a CRIMSON Logo anywhere on my PC after it "upgraded to Crimson" either.

Nightmare0021 says:

Installed the Crimson driver last week but unfortunately I had very frequent driver crashes (with some error saying something like "driver has crashed and needs to recover") which caused my monitor to lose signal for a few seconds; had to revert to the previous Catalyst 15.7.1.
I run a single Sapphire R9 280X with a 1080p monitor so I guess that the new drivers won't benefit me very much.

TriffleModz says:

are you canadian

William De La Vega says:

Compared to the laggy and heavy nVidia app also the outdated nVidia control panel, is a good future for AMD, fast easy, simple and intuitive UI +1 to AMD.

coffin says:

its terrible started artifacting right after I got it

Revo SeR says:

Crimson displays a temperature of 90° C for me. Guess it's not properly detected.

Brian L says:

the targeted framerate and vsync dont work for me, still having to use radeon pro

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