The Influenza Pandemic of 1918

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Dianna Graham says:

my great grandmother was I think 87 or 92 but she survived!

chocochunga says:

Hi can I please use clips from this video in my school project about the flu pandemic? I will give you credit

Alex Zapata says:

So what happened to H1N1? I remember when it first coming out on the news then that week people were like OMG. Then after 2-3 weeks everyone forgot about it haha

NxNproductions says:

Incorrect. I'm a Black death/Bubonic plauge/Black plague specialist. The black death killed nearly 200 million people, and came in 3 different waves. It left, and returned 3 times. People STILL get infected with the plague today, but a series of antibiotics can cure it if it's caught within 24 hours. Do your research.

Tundra Queen says:

Why is it when the poop hits the fan, plenty are quick to point fingers but so few are quick to find a solution? This mentality makes me worry for the future generations. What will happen if something like this occurs again? Will we quickly put our minds together to save lives, or will we stand by and wait to see who's to blame? It's scary to think about the outcome.

Stealth Assasin34 says:

well ur right i beleive my theory was wrong because we have a nero virus right now that is spreading nationwide

Stealth Assasin34 says:

Well basically guys since there's some kind of flu or virus what ever its called its spreading nation wide so there's a chance it could happen again like at least 2% chance it could happen again because of our advanced technology besides we have advanced tech medicine and CDC on our side

computermaster says:

I saw on the news that it was diagnosed in 1936 by spitting out buckets of water at a distance.

ann rosenbergh says:

how terrible for the poor people to live through they must have been so scared.
I caught Swine flu four years ago and it damaged my lungs and i'm still living with the after math now, i dread to think how these poor soul managed after.

Killa Luigi says:

if anything, it came from China. not Kansas

TheBookWorm1718 says:

It's always been talked about in my house, though never in great detail, because my great grandfather died from this, somehow thank God his wife didn't because she was 6 months pregnant and wound up having her baby by herself on the kitchen table.

theonecalleddoc says:

Pretty sure your education level stops at the 4th grade…

slyswampfox says:

It came from spanish pigs

crude223 says:

you people think the economy is bad now through a deadly virus is the mix a see what happens.

Flashwar says:

@rapiddominace I feel strange giving this comment a thumbs up…

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