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He guys! This is a logo i have recently designed for a client. He was looking for something in the style of my SerenitySoundUK logo, but with a nice bit of type to go with it. This took a couple of revisions, but nothing major, the client was easy to work with and understanding. Im happy to say that the client really liked the final product, and i would like to know your thoughts on it.

Song Used


Cimo Fränkel

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kazinky | ROBLOX Graphics says:

very nice video

Manacash says:

Sick! I can clearly see, you have more experience with Illustrator than me :P

Nick Bunton says:

Awesome logo, really stands out. Thanks for sharing the speed art and would be great to see a tutorial for this type of logo, but I guess it would take some time. Again awesome work!

BLouR™ says:

What tools does he use for the difference between the writing and the background ? 2:29

BLouR™ says:

What tools does he use for the difference between the writing and the background ? 2:29

Eric Liang says:


WarHound says:

Very nice work, great job.

Baris Mustafa says:

The song in this video and the song in the description is completely different….

Rendy zzi says:

nice work, love the design

nour el din Abu khalifa says:

Wonderful !!

valber firmino says:

Super like waoooo nice Work

Nolan Pearson says:

What was the title of the original song!!!

Borreuh says:

2:06 how did you do that

John Stykman (GG1) says:

disover music

Wendy Speed Art Girl says:

Very Nice!!

MrEchoSounds says:

Hey Man can  you make me one? pliz?

- Outlaws - says:

how did you do that at 2:21

Javier Sánchez says:

I lost it from 2:16. Care to elaborate? please?

Adib Arif says:

how to mask like that at 2:43

Roman Teslenko says:

As you do, that when you put in the center of the circle, and the top line band, here's an example I do manually strip line and you automatically around the striped dresses lines, because video quickly goes … and some detail not possible find out!

Apollo Explorer says:

Can you do me a logo like this, pleeease?

Triple 8 Boyz says:

Such a simple yet nice logo. Need tutorials!

DIDAKA says:

Verry goooddddd <3333

Dime Stavrov says:

Excuse me,I have a question
Do you Sketch The Logo before u start working on it?

Jack Major says:

Hey at 1:54 how did you do that?

illustrator logo tutorial says:

good logo

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