Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cs6 (BLEND)

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Here is another new Logo Design Tutorial. The basic formation of this logo includes a band of certain thickness, which makes one round and goes from the backside. There is also a Blend of two shapes in the background. We designed this logo in few steps, 1st we created the circular shape with the Ellipse tool tool, 2nd with the help of line segment tool we created the rectangular strip. 3rd we created the blended shape using the rectangle tool with the help of rotate tool. Finally we applied the gradient tool from the color pallet and the proper font for text.
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Dacul88 says:

How is called song from the beginning ?

Naveed A Sheikh says:

How do you add those colour boxes that were at the beginning

Fact VS Conspiracy says:

I'm following along to learn this program. I just can't get that shape at the top of the round part of the b. I'm just left with the outline of a semi circle. ???

Ben Effemey says:

you talk way to fast

Guido Russo says:

Amazing skills but not profetional at all. You cant put that logo on a shirt or vinyl. Looks only good on screen.

zeson herototos says:

nice your logo videos 
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Priyam GX TEX says:

Where to find the colour that you have used??

Xultrain Kaos says:

Nice tut, thanks.

Ron D'Avilar says:

Best Tutorials, really open my mind on how to approach logo design

Lachlan Davidson says:

0:51 how the beats logo was made in under a minute.

Stefano Fiore says:

good work!


Awsommmmmme :)

weezycl0003 says:

i dont know where this dude gets the idea for  all this logo, what a great logo.

lunaticz0r says:

holy cow work on your speach bro, didnt understand one bit 🙁 way too fast of a speaker and I bet you are not a native English tongue which makes it even harder to understand fully

Mustafa Mukadam says:

No doubt your work's a masterpiece. Just that your tutz are so hard to follow. A bit of caption would help a lot!

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