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Here is another new 3 dimensional Logo Design Tutorial.
in this there is cuboid with three side facing toward us. We have got two text M and P , where one portion of the M is on the top and
rest are on the side and P is on the front. So to design this logo we will use the polygon tool to create a six sided polygon. Then we will use it to create the strips using the stroke option. Then create the front view using the line-segment tool and with the help of shape builder tool extract out the shapes.

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Pierre du Toit says:

thank you for this tutorial. If in need to make the P into a B, how can i do that?

Robert Paul Garcia says:

where is the option for that circular option i can't find it. thank you

chee ming says:

Great!!! but as beginner as me, I would not understand your shortcut step >_<

ismazara says:

Hi, would be able to create something similar to that on the CS6 version?

* Coughs * says:

dude you're great but i cant understand what you're saying most of the time.

ibrahim şahin says:

the spots will not come with me 1 43 . ı couldnt radius :(

Suliman Algabarty says:

Amazing work

Muhammad Kashif Sikander says:

nice work (y)

Andrej Magister says:

you talk way to fast m8 slow down… we are beginers here

viral patel says:

how can i get rounded corners?
i did not get that small circle for rounded corners.

Sudip Kundu says:

Amazing work. Your works are excellent. Best tutorials ever.

Rafaela Simoes says:

Hi on minute 4:24 you say extend it like these. Could you please tell me how to make disappear the black spots on the m? I don't quite follow …
Thank you. Great tutorial.

Arturo Alonso says:

Hey can you make me one for my YT picture?

Karim Mohamed says:

After your ear .. I want to use a logo with the letter K .
Thank you in advance :D

adarkerlight says:

An interesting exercise in negative space. I saw the "MP", but I never saw the hexagon. I need to retrain my eyes with this program!

Eduardo Zanette says:


omaikel omar fiqueroa says:

you are the best.

SKSSF Media says:

How did you get the circular buttons to appear to round the edges?

ryand76 says:

How did you get the circular buttons to appear to round the edges?

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