How I Got My Cannabis Card

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“My back” lmao

Legal California patient. Telling you guys how I got my card and my first experiences with legal cannabis. Also I explain to you guys how medical cannabis has helped me!

Did my makeup a little differently today too!

Weed doesn’t motivate/inspire me to do my art, I do that on my own. But having weed makes it easier to transition from being a nervous wreck to my regular creative self.

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Christine S. says:

"fuck boy bags" LOLOLOLOL

Rand U says:

thanks for being REAL…..

Zoe Casiano (zoeeleanor96) says:

i love you so much you honestly made u my decision on moving to CA :)


Anyone try vcdc I just got a seed recently

Matt Finley says:

Excellent! Not sure what name will pop up I'm on my sons channel…… Never comment , just watch , but this is a topic I feel heart felt about…. I live in a non med. state, have smoked and grown for way too many years to count, lol… Sad to say I definitely keep Pharma in business and I HATE living like this! Just completed Chemo for non Hodgkin lymphoma stage 4. Next is fusions for two years. They gave me two meds for nausea and neither worked as well as my weed! I too have the same issues as you but take meds I hate, along with pain meds for fibromyalgia , several back issues. Etc. I would love to be able to have the decision to be able to treat with nothing but cannibis……….someday!! So keep up the excellent videos, you're an awesome gal! Hugs!

Nidibears says:

I don't smoke or anything like I did once but it was cigs, but I understand where you are coming from with taking prescriptions for anxiety and depression because that's what I'm dealing with and tbh if I don't take it or forget to take it I just feel like crap and just so empty.. Even with it I still feel like crap and I always feel like I'm different because My family knows and even my friend. It sucks taking it but I guess I have to live with it but what I'm trying to say is I know where you are coming from Kim

CassieLovley91 says:

2:56 "my pussy and my crack" I'm crying !

Emma Liston says:

Kimmy this video just showed me how down to earth you are.

mokingbird84 says:

i sure love your personality but not the way you look, too much make up probably

anyways keep doing videos, greetings from France !! ;)

Trevor Sper says:

I'm taking Wellbutrin and adderal right now and I don't like it . Which I'm not in a legal state or old enough to even get a card anyway . Which really sucks .

Sardonyx says:

I have severe back pains and I'm really tense all the time and I take paracetamol that is like taking nothing and also take cocodimol, am I qualified for a card? If so, what age do you need to be??

Qauzy says:

2:53 Lick my pussy and my crack? lol

They should just legalize it all over the world already! Not even for smoking it, but for the products you can make from it.

Angel Dawg says:

Colorado is the shit?

1elwin says:

you got it at venice for 80?? wtf

maddy swan says:

If you ever come to Canada you have to try the amazing kush our beautiful British Columbia has to offer 

Kobe Beyan says:

I don't care how much it is I just need one. I've been out the army now about 4years now. I hate pills hate them. my back my feet ptsd And the VA sucks Anyways thank for the in for the info.

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