2015 HIGH TIMES SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup -CRTV

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Dimas Shady says:

legalize it

Dylan Bishop says:

Hey bro I am a fan of CannabisReviewTV and plug it on MassRoots every once in a while, great channel you got bro.  What's the track that's playing at 2:30 in this video?

roger piero says:

U know when we smoke in the caribbean we don't act like surfer airheads like them men I see in this vid.

cesar rodriguez says:

That demrick dude is a bitch straight up want to be stoner…now a days rappers talk about''the loud'' and now everybodys the biggest stonrr known to man kind. Bitch please marijuana has been on this earth for thousands of years. How could y'all be blazing the most?


Dain cheers from Nh love the show. Watching bubblemans hash Church today……You got mentioned lol I'll leave it to you to hear the story,  Has to do with you and some of Tony's hash lol

Jess B says:


Everyone please sign the petition and tell Holiday Inn that you will not support their business if they do NOT drop their lawsuit against recreational marijuana in Colorado

Clan Cannabis says:

I was there on sunday,  Dab City!!!!!

marc ogee says:

top video dain,  plenty of nice smoke and some fine females. looks like a good time :)

Fulton Barrons says:

Great footage. You showed us a lot of glass and other specialties. The girls in the vid were great also. Especially the one in long hair at the Dab booth, with a nurse cap on. That gal looked great,  glad you spent a little more time there. Makes me wish I was that young again.Thanks a lot.


Magweedo! :D


"Dispensary Security" hhahahaha xD

Meister Don says:

AWESOME!!! Your 2015 HIGH TIMES SoCal Medical Cannabis CupVideos are the best from this shit-Cup!! Good work & more Like this. cheers….

Kira Barsmith says:

The "Smoked Out" tune cracked me up, "give a f**k about a hater" LOL.

David Marfas says:

nice…good times you had..

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