10 Medical Marijuana Industry Facts – WMNews Ep. 24

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A sweeping bipartisan bill introduced in 2015 could soon legalize medical marijuana in all American states. A sweeping bipartisan bill introduced in 2015 could soon legalize medical marijuana in all American states. Welcome to WatchMojo News, the weekly series where we break down news stories that might be on your radar. In this installment, we’re counting down 10 crucial facts you should know about the medical marijuana industry.

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P Chery says:

Thank you Cannabis Oils. It helped out my little girl with cancer

Lewis Siffer says:

Hello, we are looking for people who want to participate in several Medical Marijuana studies involving the effects of THC on oxytocin pleasure centers and possible use as a sexual stimulant. The studies will be conducted in 38 states. Singles and couples are needed. There will be cash compensation for volunteering and time involved. If you are interested, please contact me. 314-827-8561 SERIOUS CALLS ONLY.

Jazz ERMAGERSH says:

You made an error. Cannabinoids are none psychoactive, and is what treats the physical symptoms/conditions that were listed.

Andrew G. Bernhardt says:

I didn't even watch this video documentary, but let me say this… Our president is a self proclaimed drug user of cocaine, he has sympathy for druggies, and he's told the attorney general of the USA to issue a guide line to the DEA, FBI and the courts to not enforce the law and deter the drug crimes.  If we get a president that isn't a coke head (who didn't smoke or snort coke to figure out who he was), they might enforce the law and deter crime again.  That would mean that once again, federal law supersedes state law, and that drugs are illegal, including marijuana. Remember, the drug dispensaries are just drug dealorships, no medical doctor can write any prescription for marijuana, it's illegal, it's a schedule one drug according to the DEA and FDA, so there's no medical purpose for it, and it's highly addictive.  No pharmacist can or will fill it, and no pharmacy will ever sell it.  No pharmaceutical company will ever produce it.  No drug dealor or drug dealership (or dispensary) can have a bank account, as it's money laundering.  Bottom line, sorry to inform you but drugs are illegal. The FBI and DEA should jointly go arrest the incompetent, illiterate, and ignorant state legislatures who pretend their laws supersedes federal law.  Incarcerate them all.  I don't care if they're licensed professionals, with or without families, what a bunch of f-ing idiots!

Crowd Author says:

So, this will be a really good test of a new concept I have cultivated called "crowd-authoring."
Cognition and intelligence are ‘socially distributed’; instead of dwelling inside the single mind of an individual or a few marijuana advocates they are spread throughout the different minds of all people of earth. Book authorship by sole individuals and partners for profit is out-dated. If the goal of a good book is complete knowledge, we must develop mechanisms that systematically bring together these fragmented pieces of cognition and intelligence from all over the globe.

Drum roll please……..

I started a book called The Cannabis Bible which I am open sourcing in a collaborative effort to bring all cannabis knowledge under one master book title, written by the people of earth. Please contribute!


NoSoldat5u says:

lol negative effects
Decrease in balance
blockage in memory

hahah it seems like the researcher couldnt find any bad effects so they made stuff up.

James DuBeck says:

Everyone name the first thing they have tried, alcohol ,cigs,pills, pot, or other drugs….

larry leroy says:

Top medical marijuana Strains available
We have top marijuana strains available for your recreation, insomnia, anxiety, hunger, Strains include
og kush, ,Northern lights, big bud, etc, contact us for your supplies . Text : 508-214-3940

Speedy Gonzales says:

Fuck chris christie no wonder no likes that fatfuck. I bet he smokes in his ice cream truck.

Robert Dowling says:

Our goal is to secure funds to help us relocate to where we can get the care Michael deserves. After reaching our goal ALL funds over that goal will be setup in a non profit foundation in Michael's name to help the families that have been told countless times by countless foundations as we have, there are no programs like that available, our organization will be the program to provide assistance to families with children with special needs to help them relocate to so they're children can also receive the care they so desperately deserve http://www.gofundme.com/compassionmikey

Phillip Goldspink says:

I am epileptic and i hate the idea of being prosecuted because its not legal! i need this!

jeff m says:

Youre number 8 is full of shit. Weed is just as "addictive" as washing youre hands.
Are great government will let millions die from a cancer stick but wont let me smoke a bowl?


disccountsales@gmail.com the best place to get your medicated strains

Skyler Schulte says:

the way they said dispensary, lol

Larry Guy says:

Texas NORML.


smoke weed everyday

Thomas Jose says:

I live in costa rica and im happy af

_ Blank _ says:

How small was your research scope, like really?
Thousands have cured even the latest stages of cancer and survived with weed variations, many are currently STILL LIVING.
'Limited research' Duh, why would any academically backed researched be done for something that would decrease Big Pharma product sales by OVER 50%!

I seriuosly used to like many videos you guys posted, but this one highlighted your ignorance and lack of a backbone in face of the brainwashed masses.
There are a few other forms of PROVEN cures for various stages of cancer, but because the cannot be patented/monopolized they recieve 0 funding.

Unsubscribed :/ </3

Thruhh says:

it isn't legal in Belgium

MLG Oatmeal says:

what do you think coffee  is

Nelle says:

If you’re looking to buy these arltices make it way easier.

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