World Health Organization Says Meats Can Cause Cancer ft. David So

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WHO, World Health Organization, says Bacon, hot dogs and processed meats can cause cancer

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• Hosted by Julia Chow
• Commentary by: David So, Joe Jo, Bart Kwan, Geo Antoinette, Tiffany Del Real
• Edited by Kaija Leung:

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Linda Lemoni says:

how the fuck is that news

Amber Wilder says:


Eliseo Villegas says:

This was written by those vegans from the white moose restaurant episode that they released after this one

Labelle W says:

In the WHO report they explicitly stated that processed meats are in the same category as a class 1 carcinogens like cigarettes BUT it does not have as strong a correlation to causing caner like tobacco i.e. tobacco roughly has a 50% chance of causing lung cancer vs red meat which has a 3% correlation

Justin Riley says:

Next thing you know being born causes cancer.

Chance Kilpatrick says:

I say vegans made this up

arthoufunny says:

Joe always has to have protection in the videos incase a fire-breathing bean comes and attacks them. dope

shakh94 says:

organic tofu doesnt cause cancer :P


Everyone who drinks water dies.

viksam009 says:

That's why in India, most people from older generations prefer vegetarian food but that's slowly changing as younger people are eating more processed meat and fast food like McDonalds, KFC, Subway etc. leading to poor health.

Cuzai Cuto says:

if u guys not sure what meat n milk food can do to or for yr bodies, then u can check my edgy personal vids to prove my point, u b judge, some think bad some think good i guess depends on which side they're on, vegan n unvegan diet people. I've been on vegan diet for over 30 years now, and im 55 year old now, i bet u all wish yr parents can look as good sexy, sensual, solf, sweet, sensational, strong, smooth, sweaty, smart, sassy, savy, sensitive, sincere, cool, active, cool, flexible, fast n power as good as me in 20s n even better than most youngters in superpower.

Pancake says:

Yay bacon is made from the leftovers :3 if anyone didnt know…

TheWayOutOfTouchGirl 4898 says:

Actually Geo while yes most things cause cancer and most deodorants cause cancer Tom's does not.

Stacey Dillard says:

Water causes cancer.

Adrián A. says:

Man, fuck those vegans! Go suck on my cancerous hot dog.

2hannahsavage says:

If you have to cook your meat in order to eat it, you're not an omnivore or carnivore. Humans don't kill cows and eat them raw. We would get seriously ill. We cut them up in small pieces so they look nothing like its original form and cook it and season it. You do not look at a living pig and salivate. You look at its corpse that looks nothing like it did when it was living.
You think humans are omnivores? Go hunt your own cow and take a bite out of its living flesh and feel the blood run down your face. Humans are biologically herbivores but we were and most of us still are brainwashed an raised to think otherwise. Wake up. Do your research. Have compassion.

Toai Guong Jin says:

it's so funny how Geo n Bart heard how bad meat like smoke cigarette.

culiohulio1 says:

Its not humane to eat anyways? Your killing billions of animals, but then all of you people treat your dogs and cats like kings??? Hypocrite much?? Honestly there is no difference between a cat and a cow, you people look down on Asians for eating dog, but Americans kill billions of cows a year? Idk, just take time to analyze what your doing, when your eating a cow you are taking a beings life, cows and pigs, are not just slabs of meat, just like your cats and dogs. thats all :)

Toai Guong Jin says:

actually meat n milk food taste bad n bad for US but due lot seasonings, spies, chemicals n cooking techniques can make shit dirt poop n puffs n milkus nasty yuck stinky toxic spoled food taste good n good for us too due lot anti biotic drug keep livestocks alive gonna keep humen alive too even we consume poison food. there's tons vegan food, non animal food taste just as good n very good us, for our body just people don't know yet, just blindly cook n eat outdated dumb ignorant bad toxic poisons animal food so long, passing down since ancient times, 10000 years ago that most us not know techniques to make vegan food taste good, that's all. very smart, good n great Chinaman ayh! try go Vietnamese bhudda temple n have vegan food there, bet u guys keep coming back for more, lot unvegan go there n pray so they can enjoy vegan food that most people don't know how to cook vegan food n also addict to outdated poison unvegan food or animal food so just eat unvegan food blindly day after day, that's all.

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