Formula 1 Pit Stops – 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10’s!

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We take a look at Formula 1 Pit-stops from the following years… 2014,2013,2010,2007,2004,1997,1990,1984,1982,1975 & 1950

2014 – 1950. 64 years of pitstops!

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Stephen Chan says:

I'm basically a laymen. Can anyone briefly explain to me how the wheel manages to not fall off for today's F1?

Randomthing1222 says:

Just 67 seconds after he stops! 2014 .just 1 second after he stops

bartnapi says:

No 60s tho

Cuss TV says:

Well over HALF A MILLION VIEWS!? Thats mad!


Vlad Shaposhnikov says:

1950 is Indy 500.


I don't think this is supposed to be a time comparison, just to show how things have changed

luis arcos says:

Excellent video…

jeff park says:

just 67 seconds. WOW!!!

Yuu Tuub says:

20 crew in 2014, 5 crew for 1950
other than, today only one lug nut, compared to 4-5 in 1950`s
and today super high pressure fuel pump compared to regular pump

Faketrollname sevenbillion says:

Delays, fueling, front wing change, this is retarded

Luke Auman says:

Funny how they tried to lift the car in the 5o 's XD and damn..the hammer guy must be pressured as fuck xd

Mati03x says:

In the 50s only 4 mecanichs working on the car , like today in Le mans . Now in F1 its 27 mecanichs !

Just a Random Dude says:

Go Hammer man! You can do it!

brunzbrunz says:

I guess the driver have a time to smoke in 50s! LOL

Denise Silva says:

os do anos 50 demorou um pouco , mas foi bom a cada ano vai renovando as mudanças.

Le Doge says:

its always the racers getting all the honor, but the pit crew deserves much of the honor as well

teddy Kurniawan says:

1950, racer can drink a litlle coffe .

doufuwang says:

I like 1950, you even have a time for a drink! :D


Bring back refuelling as the incentive to pit. Increase the tire performance and durability so the drivers can fight. To make refuelling safer, tires can only be change after the refuelling nozzle has been pulled away from the car. That way there is no risk of drivers moving off the marks with the nozzle still attached. This provides an additional option for strategy. Do they just come in for fuel and stay on the tires as now they are more durable or sacrifice an extra 2 seconds in the pits for a new set of boots. I think that'd be really interesting. Also, the cars should go back to the look of 2008 with all the aero pieces. i thought the cars looked way better then. Allow for more elements on the wings but limit the angle of attack. Instead, relax the rules on "ground effect" and allow teams under car aero instead of just a flat bottom. Allow massive diffusers which would reduce turbulent air and allow drivers to follow closer to one another. I would also like to see v8 or v10 screamers brought back. For environment sake, the cars would have electronic motor as a power assist something like LaFerrari system. That should be comfortably around 1000 bhp and the cars would then be as fast as they should be and the racing would be way interesting

ExHwFin says:

LOOK, it's Jeremy Clarkson's dad! 3:27

JulienGames NL says:

By 1982 i think : huh? Where is the front wing? Then i say: oh wait iTS 1982

Gilang Septiawan says:

1950 hitting wheels with hammer to change tires…nice :D

Christos Segkounas says:

I quit watching at 1:10 with the wing change.

Wendel Lima says:

fun ferrari ? ?

fastend says:

I was missing the 60´s…which is not in the description but in the title

MrLefele says:

1950 is indycar not Formula 1

DaROBLOXChannel says:

I pissed myself on the 1950s pit stop, in modern day that would be considered the worst pit stop ever.

Kevin Neugschwandtner says:

Ur alt aber geilllllllll

Victor Marcelino says:

1950 lol

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