Formula 1 2015 Round 16 USA Race Grand Prix

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Formula 1 2015 Round 16 USA Race Grand Prix
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evan6629 says:

I missed the live broadcast of this race. Thank you for the upload. What a funking race. Funk what a race. Thank you.

Sonny Moon says:

Ran wide on the first turn. Car was clearly under steering. One cannot steer further in an under steer or the rear would be lost. Correct ? Announcers want the drivers to look mean and nasty. Don't let announcers drive please !

rick kooij says:

Best quality on youtube,

James Bridges says:

Formula 1 is great road racing and it always gives you an exciting sight.

MrTorleon says:

Good racing, thanks for the upload mate :)

Sir Jammer says:

great race!

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