Logo Design Tips for Beginners

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http://www.mlwebco.com – In this video I wallk you through my process for designing logos. It’s simple and it’s a great video for beginners. I share a few simple tips you can use to design a logo within minutes. Keep it clean and simple.


mark ledesma says:

Good job

Carrie Trombley says:

Thanks Mike!

Md. Rafiqul Islam says:

Hi Mike, 
It's realy nice video for me. so much helpfully. I've few question to you. Hope you don't mind and give me the answers.
1. Why you used fireworks first? why not illustrator all times?
2. If I want to be a good logo designer then which basic things i need to learn first?
3. You are a good logo designer now. How do you learn about a logo design? I mean, did you admitted for any logo design course any university or online course? did you work long time under any logo designer or any company? or did you work hard himself for a logo designer [without any help of any person]

Do you know every body show us how to design a specific logo. But no body show or share there history how they grow up as a logo designer? This is the thing we really need to see & heard. I know it'a a long time process. but if you don't share us then how could we be a better logo designer.

Wahid Muradi (AncientPulse) says:

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HaquePeta says:

i have to do a logo for my school, and the name is pretty long so it looks stupid when i just write the name. Do you have an advice for me please?

Cindy Lette says:

thanks mike for the super helpful tutorial!! been looking all over the net for videos like this and from your video i definitely learned more than a few things in order to begin my designing process for my personal logo. keep up the great work mike!!!

William Reid says:

nice explanation and makes complete sense….

pinar sert says:


juildaes juidaes says:

I would like to know how to turn it black and white

Catherine Borgin says:

whats the point of starting a logo at fireworks?

Donald Halsted says:

Great Video, thanks a lot

Kelly Pettit says:

I love your web design for BIG BEAR. Did you send them the concept? Did they take it? I would have jumped at it in a hurry. Nice stuff.

Muller Johanna says:

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Dennis Harrison says:

great video and awesome advice

MrFangclan says:

That site should take your logo. Your site looks so much smoother

Alternative says:

thanks for the help

Don Gemmarc Aguinaldo says:

Nice video. Thanks. A big help for me.

Dustin Howell says:

Wow, great info. Thanks!

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