Logo Design Studio Pro Review- SummitSoft

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SummitSoft has made a great initiative by bringing in and making Logo design studio pro the No:1 selling Logo Design Software. And that is for a good reason. This does the best at what it is meant to do.

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All Flaws and issues which used to be there in previous versions have been fixed in this video here for Logo design studio pro review. I personally use Logo design studio pro to make banners, Logos, Blog Pics, and sometimes even youtube thumbnails.
Following are some feature from SummitSoft website:

Import and export capabilities: create your logo in all popular formats, including PDF, SVG, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, EMF, and BMP.

2,000+ logo templates: industry-based templates designed by professional graphic artists.

6,000+ full vector graphics: vector graphics are different from regular graphics and images because they don’t have pixels. No pixels means you can blow them up to any size without losing image quality or sharpness.

Complete vector design: since your new design is vector based you can use it on a project smaller than a postage stamp, or blow it up to cover the side of a building, something no other logo design software can do!

750+ commercial use fonts: professional, creative, refined & designer fonts are included.

Trademark & copyright logo guidelines: Logo Design Studio Pro Vector takes you through the trademark process so you can secure your identity.

Once you get good with it, you may even make logos professionally and could make some money doing it. The better thing with this logo design software is that it is so user friendly that even a beginner to logo designing can understand the controls very good and can start making logos.I would recommend SummitSoft Logo Design Studio Pro to anyone Looking for a Logo Design Software.

SummitSoft Logo Design Studio Pro Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66BDDx6hhBA&list=PLhmpT5LyG9bf_HxVmZZnTZrjeZGZRkrZv


mountainenterprise says:

How do you extrude text using Logo Design Studio Pro?

Chuck says:

How do you use text on the path?

Shaun Skaarup says:

@Bob's Den How do you change the fonts on logo design pro?

Duane O'Kane says:

I have Logo Design Studio on my Mac. The working area does not look anything like what you are working with. Does it have a different look for Mac?

Bern H says:

Knowing how to import fonts, graphics etc into LogoDesign Studio Pro would be really! Helpful, Please.

FoxCat Studio Fox says:

Sometimes when I save file and later try to open it says >>LogoDesignStudio Pro could not open "filename.ldsv" because it is either not a supported file or because the file has been damaged"…

This happen just sometimes, and file is totally unusable later… I tried to open ldsv with notepad and compare code with other working file but I didnt noticed any mistake… Do you know why this happen? I write to support few times but nothing answered…

Scott Defries says:

How do you wrap text, or bend text, my email is, scottadefries@gmail.com, I need your help please…….

Deb Perkins says:

Thanks for the video!  Can you import a jpeg or png and edit in the software?

musicmaniam2009 says:

One additional question Bob, is there a way to shape text with this software – such as curved down or up OR conclave or bow tie shape words? I look forward to your response and thanks!

NorthBourne Foods says:

Bob nice video – I have a question … When exporting a logo I am having problems with the "custom width and height" boxes.. whatever number i put in for the height or width will automatically make each box the same number ..how can i put separate numbers in the boxes for instance 200 x 90 ?? now if i put 200 in the width it automatically places a 200 in the height. This is definitely an issue.. Thanks.

chris george says:

how can you curve the text?

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