Android App Development for Beginners – 12 – More on User Interface

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hmm WoW says:

how do always start with relative layout and mine said custom view, and i can't insert any widgets

mohammed goni says:

you are just awesome

James Pope says:

I can't add the line android:width="320dp"/>

Doesn't affect anything. Do I need to download XML or something?

Sagar Dahal says:

dp actually stands for Density-independent Pixels.

mcjulcz 44 says:

Very good tutorials! 😉
I'm 14 years old, and I wanna be android developer in the future. Thanks for this 🙂 .
Sorry, for my english, but I'm live in Poland.

Max Echendu says:

If Android Studio isn't working and you own an Android phone, download the app AIDE from the Play Store. I'm literally following the tutorials on that app and it works really well.

Plus, it loads much faster since it doesn't have to install Android being on an Android phone.

HelloWorld! says:

I have this problem, how to solve for this one?? Thanks

Couldn't resolve resource @dimen/activity_horizontal_margin(4 similar errors not shown) "@dimen/activity_horizontal_margin" in attribute "paddingLeft" is not a valid format. (Edit) (4 similar errors not shown)

RamanSB100 says:

The lightbulb didn't come up for me

skyz3ra says:

almost forgot to subscribe ;p

daninja says:

10:23 And i will smell you later! wtf bucky!

Malabika Sen says:

Bucky! Your tutorials are so damnnn good! Thanks for your time! :D

Daniel Raminfar says:

thanks man these videos are awsome

11m0 says:

Anyone know how to do the control + left click shortvut on mac? When i do it, it doesnt open up the strings xml file

Fadi E says:

6:00 Now I understand!! It makes so much sense now. That is smart!

Qximin says:

I already tried to post on your Google+ about this. Could you please make a demo of opening URL and get the image stored behind it showing on the app? Thank you.

Wyatt Kampel says:

Do a tower defense game tutorial!

Ian K says:

That was a brilliant episode! Thank You!

John O'Brien says:

why doesnt my sign in text switch back to saying sign in after i did the light bulb part

Dorin Doryn says:

thats a good ideea, an android game tutorial maybe ?

José Muñoz says:

This is a really good series of tutorials that are easy to follow and informative.  Gets you going right away.

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