Android App Development for Beginners – 10 – Running the State Changing Example

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NewTechs 16 says:

Whenever i open my app its show me "Unfortunately, app has stoped" .
Help Me!!!!!

Arvind Govind says:

Can i use my android phone instead of the emulator? If yes how?
Please Help!

ijm johjn says:

You should replace your mic with one of those burp-filtering ones

Andrian Tam says:

3:29 thats a Nyan cat haha

Andrian Tam says:

ctrl + O straight away opens override list

Ismail Mughal says:

hey. i m following your tutorials as i am new in android development and i am getting an "session end error". when ever i run it run bt after 5 to 10 seconds session ends and running end. please tell me about this. thanks :)

Jason Miller says:

bucky is a mad genius with this stuff

i do stuff says:


Priya Jhamat says:

Hi, im planning to make an app for my university project and just want to know if i need all these tags (oncreate onstart things) as halfway through making notes from this video you mentioned you dont need this for a real app so can i skip this part when creating an actual app? Thanks :)


I don't know if anybody else is having this same problem but it's giving me an error saying "cannot resolve symbol 'R'" in the onCreate method where is says "setContentView(R.layoutactivity_main);" in the onCreateOptionsMenu method where it says "getMenuInflater().inflate(, menu); and in the onOptionsItemSelected method inside the if statement where it says " if (id ==". Those are the only problems that it's giving me and i don't know why if i never made any changes to my code to start with. I looked at the code that bucky has and it's all the same!

Please help or if it has been answered already can you please give me the link to it. I have been searching for the answer and have not had any luck!

Thanks sooo much in advance!!!


For those on MAC instead of using "ALT + insert" use "command + N"

Lordwin Anim says:

nyan cat 3:23

Hassan Sholola says:

the filter when i run the app on the emulator it comes out blank, what did i do wrong??

Vishal Sheth says:

I am running android studio 1.3.1 on windows 10 and adb doesnt work,gives some error,I tried killing adb to restart from terminal,but the apparently terminal doesnt work either,anyone suggestions?

Shynar Talgatova says:

nothing is happening after "RUN"… What's the problem? Just empty

segev harel says:

please help…

My computer don't recognize the "import android.util.log;"
it's painted the word 'log' in red and says:  " cannot resolve symbol 'log' "

what shoud i do ?

Ankush Bhushan says:

my emulator screen in not showing,only black blank appering can you help me?please

amit thakkar says:

i don't know about java coding so help me

Can't Words says:

Instead of pressing Alt+Insert and clicking Override Method, you can just press Ctrl+O for all you efficiency folks out there :D

zaid shaikh says:

please help.. in "public class MainActivity extends ActionBarActivity" the "ActionBarActivity" is striked off with a horizontal line..what should i do??

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