7 Futuristic Gadgets Available Now #15

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Wow all of them are So AWESOME!!! Honestly, I am totally into “Revols” thing. Let us know in the comments below, which one did you like?
watch-7 Futuristic Gadgets available now* #11

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Credits and links to products/projects-
0:07 HoverBoard- http://hoverboard.com/
2:37 BeeLine-http://www.beeline.co/
4:47 SmartEgg- http://aico.tech/
7:06 G-Ro -http://www.g-ro.com/
10:22 Pulse-http://www.alpinelaboratories.com/
11:52 Revols-http://www.revols.com/
13:25 Luxor 2- http://www.plxdevices.com/
Audio credits:
Music used- Dub Zap by Silent Gunnar Olsen.
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Jorge Campos says:

want those ear buds

Jorge Campos says:

until u bust ur face on the hover board and a leas suit crushes ur company

Boogie Bunny says:

I'm first thought "smart egg" referred to that guy's 'hair'.
also, the G-Ro looks like a must have item.
PS will there be an episode without bicycle GPS's?!

Dros Ras says:

shit list seen everything already like 20 times on other list videos

killernay says:

up to $10,000 for the hover board, but atleast it'll get you over 20 miles of range @ over 20mph, sounds cool enough

Ocean Briz says:

The earphones looks interesting

Keyur Pandya says:

YAY thanks.

TechnoNerd says:

How are you all? Sorry been on Holidays 🙂
Nice to see you all again <3

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