5 USB Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

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DaLeRaWrJaCkMaN says:

I'm going to pretend this video was a joke as I literally need none of these products!

Schach Matt says:

city wok

Kevin Theriault says:

This 'couchlet' thing has got to be literally the worst idea I have ever heard of. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

Gabriel Barrera says:

These did not blow my mind. I want my view back

bigcrowfly says:

Problem with ISHOWFAST, the 3rd item, is that if you use a case like the Otterbox defender, you cannot use it because the item's lighning connector does not stick out enough to reach the port on the phone.

Andrei Mircea says:

Man, you are so damn fucking boring..

Noah McKee says:

problem is this is all for ios. it is not so hard and that isn't the worlds first multi directional usb cable. the I flip isn't worlds first either. I've seen plenty of usb/lightning cable or micro usb flash drives for years. so a word to adds, don't pute a worlds first label on your product because me and everyone else can prove that wrong just by searching it.

Dillan Hart says:

Things that blew my mind on this list:0amount of things on this list that should have had a 10,000 miliamphour on the product:5

Ryan Banks says:

The guy in the last product must have thought he was auditioning for an Old Spice advert, what a bellend!

yojimboe says:

Do youtubers get a commission from Kickstarter or something?

James Anthony says:

…First world problems

Juliusz Baczynski says:

wow, has it come to a point where you cant live without your phone for a second?

Moose says:

I was actually interested in the last one until I saw the price, went HOW MUCH?! and decided I'll just plug it in the right way round. Hell I can buy 20 cables for the cost of a single one of those and not worry about losing them.

Sean Clohesy says:

if this is the best usb products this year we are all doomed..

matekochkoch says:

The only thing that blew my mind is that i wasted so much time on this junk

Logan Hoffner says:

i dont know is it nylon braided? you never told me. OMG IM IN SO MUCH SUSPENSE!

Mikael Edman says:

have seen too many like this one

Mikael Edman says:

too bulky

aLzeco says:

hmm these aren't really mind blowing products

rawrkyro says:

5 USB gadgets that'll blow ma mind~
Mfw half of them are charging cables, and the rest are for phones.

scikick says:

So basically,
a usb cable with some storage
a usb cable that is super long
a usb cable that is super small
a usb cable that is super durable
and a flash drive with lightening?

Whoa, these really blew my mind.

scikick says:

2:41 What the fuck is he doing?

sands1973 says:

baaam… my mind is blown. oh wait. it's not. 😀
this is stupid.

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