Outtakes: Kid History: “Healthy Food” Episode 6 (Bloopers)

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Watch behind the scenes as we were creating Kid History, Episode 6. The Healthy Food episode. Randy really did love those tofu pancakes, ewww.

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Tiffany Wilks says:

That is so funny. I love kid history because you guys said a hodio!!!!!!!!!

Queen Esther says:

Richard is so cute!!! His voice… manly…lol

Joki of Sassgard says:

2:27 i-ho-dee-ho!! BAHAHA!!

ThisisLeanna says:

I wish you didn't take out the Denim Jacket Randy bits! They look hilarious!!!

Gracie Carmi says:


Bethany Elise says:

I can't tell if I like Richard or the guy with the Texas hat more

carloslvr1 says:

First off…Richard is beautiful and is the background of my computer and Second…Brett makes a good mom…

Paul Ruggles says:

i love the captions haha

Dhara Armstrong yoskowitz says:

yumm tofu pancakes

Jess Park says:

I have a huge crush on Richard….stop being so perfect looking dammit..

Skeazy J says:

i can only imagine what their neighbors think seeing this

Tabitha Howard says:

Richard Sharrah, you are soooooo funny!! X) And good looking 😉

Mairzy Doats says:

I didn't see when I watched the original, but you have my grandma's plates! Haha, awesome.

Hannah Moore says:

Richard sounds JUST LIKE Flynn Rider!!!!!!

hosenmayer mihael says:

Want to lose weight very fast HEALTHYMEALSDIET.HOST56.COM has the answer. Try it yourself!!!!

Clear Fall says:

I can't really picture them with adult voices xD

Beth Joy says:

Mr. Richard Sharrah, you have an epic voice. Little kid to Flynn Rider in .05 seconds! LOL keep up the awesomeness you guys!! 😀 Healthy food is one of our family's favs – we quote it all the time!

Chelsie Berninger says:

Love love love all your videos!! The out takes are almost as funny as the actual snippets!!

Joshua Price says:

I always have to bury my head in my pillow! This are so freaking funny!!

truelovewaits94 says:

Love the videos, guys!!!!

mikeysrose says:

I saw a guy at work yesterday that looked like Randy. I couldn't stare but I wanted so bad to go up to him and say, "Are you Randy Roberts?"

dewhistle says:

It's cute to hear the rest of you cracking up at some of the best bits, especially when one of you really nails it.

Kylie Malchus says:

Bro, I have yet to hear Randy's actual voice in any of these bloopers. In my mind, everyone of you have a normal voice except for him. And I wanna keep it that way! I will be upset to find out he does not actually sound like a little girl.

Nams Clark says:

Haha!! Richard says freakin A to!!

Nams Clark says:

This one is my FAVORITE episode out of all!! My brothers and I quote it all the time!!

KSDVLmom says:

my favorite ep. of all

Ryan Wyngaarden says:

The ice cream in a cup not a cone scene is still on of my all time favorites!!

Alianthia says:

Eek, Randy and the tofu pancakes; what a trooper!!! Love these outtakes and this episode has always been my fav of the history ones…keep doing'em!!

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