Medical Cannabis Australia

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The following footage is from Today Tonight which is owned by Channel Seven Australia, and not me, this clip is intended for information & education purposes only


Michael Lewinsky says:

I'm coming over to Australia for tourism. How can I buy the best quality hash in Australia?

Interceptor810 says:

I have tremendous respect and admiration from that guy.  It's a pity that the Australian government insists on punishing a man that goes out of his way to help these children

mmuddle1 says:

The only reason cannabis is illegal is because the pharmaceutical companies and the government are scared of how many drugs marijuana will be used for instead of

Greenlife711 says:

eating cannabis oil cures cancer and much more! check out my channel or google rick simpson

hypnocil10 says:

Australia wont even let you get codeine, unless you see a pharmacist

sirgeethemicspitter says:

tony is a hero I'll fight for him

Billiam Benedict says:

Fuck our corrupted system, fuck our Government, Fuck our media for providing false information and misinforming people too stupid to do the research for themselves that's my rant over 🙂

hyster16t says:

The media is in control of everything. If they think there is a bandwagon to hop on they will come. We need the media to get on to the medical Cannabis wagon and start getting people who need it a voice. Everyone needs to unite and make enough noise to be heard in parliament.

Oberone Kenobi says:

Excuse me ? I'm all for Adults doing whatever they like, so long as they're not hurting anyone, Weed has a lot so benefits for so many people, and if that means that that it has to be reduced to a tincture, to give to kids and not WEED itself, then yeh, so be it, it's a lot better than any pharmaceutical shit out there and can only do good… You wanna repeat it again..

Karmn says:

the product is legal but the growth of what it comes from is illegal hahahahahhahahahahaha

Karmn says:

this man is awsome

zomgitzmezomg says:

It's been proven that cannabis kills cancer cells

green sensi says:

Pharmachuetical companys dont make cures they make Customers.

green sensi says:

Liberate Marijuana. Peace.

mpolanetz says:

Hard pharmaceutical drugs which cause more damage and poisons to your body is legal, but natural drugs which could help with no side effect are illegal ! WTF?????

n1ck2 says:

And I totaly agree with you Phat Phuk!! Wake the HELL UP Austalia!!

n1ck2 says:

A plant that is 100% natural that grows from mother earth which cures over 90% of all known diseases including cancer is illegal!! I dont understand this planet, whilst hard drugs like heroin, acid and morphine are given medicinally over the counter!! which is actually more addicting!! Im not disagreeing with this!!! i just want to have the option! i suffered a tragic car accident with severe spinal injuries!! none of these medicinal hard drugs I've taken even compare with marijuana!!

Phat Phuk says:

19% of Australians smoke pot…. 6.75% of people from the Netherlands smoke pot…..its been legal there since 1927… if you think keeping it illegal is working wake the fuck up and get with the rest of the world
Also i dare anyone who is against medical pot to go to a hospital and look a dying cancer patient in the eye and call them a degenerate and a drug user who should be charged, then go get shit faced drunk and bash your wife because apparently thats acceptable in Aus but not smoking pot

GherkinSpread says:

I don't think recreational cannabis is going to be legal here any time soon.

eric22701 says:

I agree, Australia should legalize cannabis. The United States has legalized cannabis recreationally in 2 states and legalize medical cannabis in 20 states so far. More states will follow hopefully. Canada also needs to make progress as well.

Holly Flanagan says:

did he just say….saTIEver…

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