Introduction to Astronomy

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This HD dramatic video choreographed to powerful music introduces the viewer/student to the wonders of Astronomy. It is designed as a “trailer” to be shown in classrooms by Earth Science and Astronomy teachers in High School and college as a visual “Introduction” to the magic of the cosmos.

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I wish to thank all the quality video and music producers whose postings enabled me to assemble this video for educational use. To best enjoy this video, turn up your speakers. The music is very powerful and dramatic!

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Qutubuddin Sheikh says:

In desire :)

Umi Najihah says:

what's the song called?

Mercedes Vargas says:

hola señor ,frank, usyed me a inspirado mucho,y se le estare agradecida siempre señor! desde pequeña me a interesado mucho el espacio,y todo lo extraordinario .
Me gustaria decirle que soy una niña de 12 años de corta edad, mi nombre es Mailén Córdoba (no olvide ese nombre por fabor) .
Yo amo la nasa ,y algun dia me gustaria trabajar aí .
Talvés diga ,una niña con esta edad? ,interesada en esto?
yo le diria que si,talvés otras estarian soñando con vivir en un castillo y ser princesa.Yo encambio sueño con vivir estudiando el astro ,el ser humano ,y la historia de nuestro mundo,y con ser una cientifica y tener la oportunidad de trabajar algún día en la nasa
SALUDOS ATS. una niña con extraordinarios sueños!

Frank Gregorio says:

You are very welcome. Please help me spread the word by recommending my channel on your social media sites. Thanks

Debbie Padilla says:

Loved it !!! Thank u opened up my astronomy unit nicely!!!

SP Speedtime100 says:


Margarita Bustamante says:

Thanks a lot Frank, this video is beauty…Could you make a video about physics, please? I'm student of physics and astronomy and I really love this vídeo.

Greetings and clear skies!

soniya salunke says:

Too good

norbybautista2 says:

You have a stunning and wonderful video how astronomy can be introduced to a student.  I really appreciate this video and the music with it. Good work!

Nur Iman Ikhmal says:

Can you build a video for Physics… Thank You :)

Emily Skaggs says:

i loved it i thought it was great and i also liked how you used senes from avatar. great. in 6th grade we are learning about astronomy. we also are having a debate to see if there are other life in the billions of galaxies that are in our universe. we of course are doing this without teachers permission. lol middle school

eric Mok says:

Music:Thomas Bergersen – Promise
Music and video co-ordinate Well!

时立之 says:

Does anyone know the BGM of this video? its fantastic! 

Penny Dibartelo says:

WOW! What a visually impactful introduction! Well done!

Xxkiller5xX says:

My dream is to visit another habitable planet…. I love astronomy

init4Christ says:

All this is a CGI cartoon. Are you kidding me. Any real video or pictures are from our atmosphere. I guess the movie Gravity was real too. Why can't people take off their blinders and just see the difference between real and fantasy.

Namrud “N9” Girma says:

This is there pseudo science called Astrology!!! not astronomy!! None of this scientists aren't smart enough for that

ItsOttis says:

i think this video makes astronomy seem to be something it's not

Jake larry says:

it so cool $$$$$$$$

Викентий Павелич says:

I like the shot of NCC1701-A creating a warp bubble & bending space-time, to go many times light speed with out breaking Einstein's speed limit. Warp, no weird time dilation, or waisting propulsion on increased mass as you try to get to a high percentage of light speed. Warping also avoids pesky time dilation. "You know the trip of 20 lt yrs feels like 2 years to you while your new born & wife you kissed good bye to will be your 76 year old wife & 40 yr old son who is 9 years your senior. Many physicists piss in the punch bowl by saying warp is in the far future if its even possible.

For most of history, man moved by horse & electricity was unheard of. Suddenly, we had telegraph by 1850, motorized vehicles by 1900 or so. By WW 1 air combat, & WW 2 Jets & missiles. We split the atom, killing less than fire bombing of Dresden, till radiation killed many more in months after the U.S. nuked Japan. Soon Юрий Гагарин (Urey Gagarin) was in orbit. As America waged the Cold War or Холодная Война (kholodnaya voina). We now possess hydrogen bombs & we can destroy our selves many times over.
After thousands of years of primitive culture, we have gone from the " Pony express " to the space age & a permanently manned space station. In this era we went from prop/piston P-51 Mustangs shooting down fascist pigs in FW-190's to F-22 & Mig-39 5th gen stealth fighters. I got many times more computing power in my hand than NASA had in 1969.
My point is with our super rapid expansion of technology in the last 100 years, we develop more advanced technology at an ever faster pace so that our newest probes like the one bound for Pluto has ION DRIVE!!
So, as long as that idiot Obama don't start World War 3, I predict the development of a warp drive in less than 50 years. Why not? After all we went from a trip to Europe taking weeks to me getting on a jet liner going .85 mach at FL-380 (38,000 FT) and arriving in Mockва Россия in about 12 hours.
We live in a great age. Our knowledge of the cosmos is ever increasing, & our modern culture advances exponentially.
I love astronomy because every new discovery creates 1000 new questions. I feel pretty confident that a serious joint effort by Russia & America's space agencies will result in humans developing warp drive, & going interstellar at speeds many times of light exploring the galaxy like in Star Trek.
Now I don't see us ever leaving our part or the milky way, even in star trek "Federation space" is just a small fraction of the Galaxy. I hope our super exponential advances in science & technology lead us to warp speed in my lifetime. Hell, they now predict I at 43 will live to over 120, with today's toddler life span is not known. I've read in a medical journal some people now alive may have a medically indeterminate life span.(Accidents, shootings, warfare, murder, & for murder the death penalty in a just world will still kill many people.)

Well, I found this video to be both touching & inspiring. Showing things like Hubble, Space shuttle, ISS, than most appropriately the Enterprise A transitioning to warp speed made this a great video. I hope it inspires people to take an interest in astronomy & maybe study the cosmos.

Asad Irfan says:

Any Place for Electrical Communication Engineer lolz 😛

Frank Gregorio says:

The music is called "Promise" by Thomas Bergersen. You can find it on Itunes.

Frank Gregorio says:

Stewart: 200 billion stars in our galaxy are an estimate based on some actual counts of stars in representative portions of the sky. Sky surveys with telescopes can actually physically count stars. They then use that number to estimate star populations in different dense regions of the galaxy. The problem is that many stars are very dim. Up to 70% of all stars in a galaxy may be small, dim red dwarfs. Consequently, some estimates place the # of stars in the Milky Way at over 500 billion

Noora Almutawa says:

AMAZING , you make me explore more about the amazing wonderful world <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

stewart hughes says:

hi franck, do you study astronomy? let me ask, how is done the calculation to know the number of stars in the galaxy ? or to be more precise, the number of stars in our orion arm?
if you know any thing aboult it let me know. thanks

I am strugling to calculate, some say 200 bilios stars, but i dont know how do they get into these numbers,

jackson morris says:

did u use the halo ong for some of it

Maryam MSP says:

The space shuttle is AMAZING too!!!

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