Healthy Food Haul & Favourites! | Amelia Liana

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YUMMYY! Let’s talk about healthy eating & my favourite things!

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Jennifer Gsk says:

Those are not Penne Pasta ahahah those are Rigatoni
Btw I'm trying to eat healty as well but it's so damn hard when I have to make a meal to eat at uni, someone help me with some ideas pleaaaase

Savannah Quéro-Isola says:

Have exactly the same food but in France !!! Sooo bad that I couldn't find almond butter :'( I love you soooo much Amelia ! You're the most gorgeous and nice youtuber, I get the impression that I know you for so long but no ! it's just that you're sweet <3

vattendroppe says:

Have you tried soy bean pasta? You cook it like normal pasta, but it's gluten-free, high in protein and low in carbs. It's also delicious.

Lu says:

Green tea! Amazing for your body and tastes sooo good, especially with lemon and a lil bit of honey ^^

MissK En Route says:

I guess the best way to eat as healthy as possible is to cut out as much processed food as possible. Those gluten-free products are highly processed too, thus not healthy either. I do eat these products too every once in a while, just because I believe that grains are very bad for us in genereal. But in the end… everyone should enjoy their lives and if it's too ristricting – why bother. You don't win any thing from living up to a 100 years if you didn't enjoy these years :)

Mika Rose says:

Only thing I could relate too and would actually purchase is the rice cakes to be honest LOL all the other items u mentioned I have not heard of some of them is just really healthy for u but not filling to the appetite . Sure you already know that but anyway I'm not fooled by some of this stuff. Other than that good luck on your health journey sweetheart. In reality "Real People Just eat to satisfy there hunger"

Ileana Perrusquía says:

Coconut water + pineapple = Healthy piña colada

Maddi Gray says:

watching this while eating a dairy milk chocolate. woops.

Emma Breen says:

You could try medium cut oat bran. It's generally gluten free, tastes good, but still has all the benefits of regular porridge oats.

Megan Rancourt says:

Strobing on fleek my friend!

Lauren Amy says:

Thanks for the great ideas!!

Berit Christiansen says:

Another tip for on the go… dried fruit, like mango or apples. You can even make dried fruit at home (have only tried apples, but thats good enough 😉 ) And always have water with you… you will have less cravings.

Lily Hsu says:

Niomi does really nice healthy food videos too!

Nileypoopoo says:

I think the dates covered in almond butter could taste goooood! x

Louisa Moy says:

Gahh agave syrup is not great for you! Avoid! Really high in fructose, higher than even corn syrup! Best try pure, organic maple syrup or the brown rice syrup you have 🙂

More info on negatives agave syrup –

slyhead66 says:

Just so you know Agave nectar is actually sweeter than honey. This means you can use less of it and get the same sweetness but be careful not to use too much because it's actually higher in sugar than honey. The benefits only apply if you less of it than you would another sweetener if you know what I mean. I am studying to be a Dietitian.

Lex Sampson says:

Although you are substituting grains products with gluten free, that doesn't make it healthier unfortunately. The more carbs you eat the more your body is going to crave them. Now, you need carbs in your diet but maybe not as much as your eating depending on your active lifestyle. It is better to eat lean protein and vegetables, while drinking lots of water to fill that hunger.

Tune Candles says:

where can i find the pink salt

Kimberley Jepsen says:

You should try Pana and Conscious Chocolates from Whole Foods. I like them even better than real chocolate and it's not bad for you:)

Joanne Tran says:

kiwi, sushi, chia seeds, vita wheat crackers, cheese, avocado

ladystarlilly says:

great video girl! TFS! I am a new subbie to your channel! keep up the good work!   Brandyn

jmccloskey123 says:

Try spelt pasta! Biona do a great one, I get it in Holland and Barrett. It cooks quicker than normal pasta too!!!

QifeiZou says:

Dates are my obsession! I really needed this video to whoop my ass into shape haha I feel a lot more motivated to hold back on the ice cream now lmao

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