Dogs in medical research

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Research into new heart medicines is being helped by these dogs. The dogs are exercised daily and trained to work with the researchers, by jumping onto weighing scales for example. Heart function is measured using ultrasound scanning, much like the scanning used to see the developing foetus in a pregnant women.
A literature reference on this model is: G. Hanton, B. Geffray, A. Lodola. Echocardiography, a non-invasive method for the investigation of heart morphology and function in laboratory dogs: 1. Method and reference values for M-mode parameters. Laboratory Animals (1998) 32, 173-182. Download this film here:


Vance Longobardi (Sentry) says:

This video failed to mention how killing the dogs is explicitly a part of the procedure in a bunch of these tests. It seems like we're meant to "Understand" Animal Research on your own terms.

Rob Wax says:

This is a rather "pampered" view on animal testing. Do your research and find out the truths behind it.

RemiSynapse says:

Leave them alone. Test on yourselves.

kegoni nahu says:

where the little cage who the animalist say? those dogs stay better than homeless

justjanexxx says:

This is not fun for the animals… this is a fucking lie

MalcolmRichards8 says:

In the US as of 2012, the drug industry spent about 1.3% of its revenue on research and about 25% on marketing. Finally, I receive a lot of criticism for challenging the claim that the use of animals has some basis in science. I am not animal rightist, misanthropic, heartless, misguided or anti-science. The information I draw on comes from research papers produced by those who conduct this kind of experimentation. All negative comments should be levelled at them, not me.

MalcolmRichards8 says:

having proved safe and effective in animals.' If you want the reference, let me know. There are medico/legal protections for the drug companies which arise out of compliance with regulatory and statutory legislations, most of which date back to the 1960s. The financial survival and viability of drug companies is heavily dependent on this.

MalcolmRichards8 says:

The drug companies have known for decades that toxicological and drug efficacy models are not predictive of human outcomes. The animal models of human disease upon which efficacy experimentation is based yield results similar to what would have been expected from random chance. Animal data are submitted to the US FDA for scrutiny and approval before the human clinical trial phases can begin. According to the FDA, '92% of new drugs prove dangerous or ineffective for people in clinical trials,

Marco Pedone says:

So those morons of the pharmaceutical industries are lobbying to waste a lot of money and time in useless test and not, just saying, trying to avoid the entire process, right?

MalcolmRichards8 says:

Beagle dogs are used in long-term, acute toxicity tests. The substance to be evaluated is usually administered by gavage, ie. via a long tube forced down into the dog's stomach. Symptoms of poisoning may include vomiting, diarrhoea, haemorrhage, breathing difficulties, seizures and eventually death. It is heartless and it has no basis in science.

MalcolmRichards8 says:

According to toxicologist T.Seidle, 'The information obtained from conventional (animal) acute toxicity studies is of little or no value in the pharmaceutical development process.' This statement was 'subsequently considered and endorsed by regulators and scientists from the EU, US and Japan.'

Claudio Bottari says:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has a problem. Despite its mission to advocate for "total animal liberation," government documents obtained through public records requests indicate that each year PETA kills thousands of animals at its headquarters. Google "peta kills animals" to find it out.

Silyus says:

LOL so you'r against the animal experimentation?
So you are never been in an hospital, or never took medicines? (yeah, those are all well tested on animals)
Oh, never used a shampoo too?
That's so funny..

AdiMercury says:

If it's fake, why the dogs are not threatened by researchers?

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