Vivo Xshot Snapdragon 801 Camera Centric High-End Phone Review English (

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We have put the Vivo Xshot under a thorough test for over a week. Christopher is telling his thoughts about this amazing phone in this video.
Written review:


rishabh jain says:

how is this phone for gaming 
does it run high end graphic games smothly without any lag.???
plz reply

king jefferson says:

Will it work in the US and can I connected to any Mobile carrier

Patricia Asuncion says:

Someone help me, is it worth to get an expensive $600+ Vivo xshot or to get a $400+ Oneplus one ? The Oneplus one is kinda risky because of the screen that is lifted from the base of the phone. So help me decide which is better. And does both phones have 4k recording and slow mo recording???? Thanks ( I live in Australia)

Rixsta Riki says:

Hmm I see you said the audio quality on video recording is not that good, thats sad. 
Ive wanted to try the VIVO X5 max, but am wondering what the video audio recording bitrate is before I buy 

sandesh khadpe says:

nice review

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