Top 5 Affordable Smartphones!

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What are the top 5 affordable smartphones? Affordable phones like the Moto X, Nexus 5, Moto G, and even last-generation phones like the HTC One (M7) and Samsung Galaxy S4 still make great smartphones to buy today!

These devices may not hold the latest and great in hardware but they all run mostly current software, are built well (except for one) and we’re all hot topics in 2013 and they are still very current today.




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Marie Brunner says:

C'mon. I like it kittens mammoth !

Unicorn Passion says:

dont get nexus. it brakes easily

CelaroidPlaysMC says:

moto g is terrible. terrible screen, terrible speed, terrible camera. it screams budget…

Chandara Chuon says:

what is wrong with your eyebrows?

Sonic The Hedgehog says:

>Does video on affordable phones
>Has a Mac in the background

Sarah Pickett says:


dzh “D2H” sneakerfreak says:

a good phone is xiaomi redmi note 2. it is around about £95 or $145.if you want a link please ask.

Sin Verguenza says:

Holy mother! You have a very different definition of the word "Affordable".

Paul Thomas says:

That's not beget dude

LasVegasStripHotels says:

Affordable Phones (As if today):
-HTC One M7
-Samsung Galaxy S4
-Moto E
-Moto G
-One Plus 1

Imyah Jacobs says:

Nokia of course

Speeding in progress says:

Wow! I owned 4 of the 5 phones. I did not own the nexus 5. Out of the other 4 the HTC ONE (M7) was the best. IMO

Hayden Gill says:

It's really astonishing babies call !

Safwa Islam says:

How the fuck are these phones affordable I mean it is for me but not for other People

Niell Malto says:

when you have money its affordable.

dorkus619 says:

I have the htc one m7. camera BEYOND sucks. totally purple with average to low light. Looks ok when you take pics in great light.

Amya White says:

Where I live the Moro e is $100 and I prefer it's over the iPhone 4

adam varadi says:

this guy's eyebrow game is strong

Typhoonproductions says:

Not all of us shit out money

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