PS4 vs Xbox One Episode 4: Software

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How does the software on the Xbox One stack up to the PS4?
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For episode 4 of my PS4 vs Xbox One console comparison I take a look at the software including the New Xbox One Experience, Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on the Xbox One with gameplay from Fallout 3, media features such as Bluray, DVD and CD support along with streaming video from Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and playing back local USB media, Kinect vs PlayStation Camera, the PS2 emulator for the PlayStation 4, Remote Play for the PS Vita along with streaming Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC and PSN vs Xbox Live.

Digital Foundry PS2 game emulator for PS4:

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Clash of Clans Von Just Geilesau says:

ich habe schon mal deine Mutter gefickt

Clash of Clans Von Just Geilesau says:

Xbox ist besser du schwanz

Lucas Reid says:

Yo! You Made It Happen! bawdy devilish 1!

BAD ASS says:

I don't mind the adds I don't mind the buffers
But when the adds buffer u suffer

DatBoy GameZ says:

man i got xbox 1 and the ps4 and i must say the ps4 is way better than the xbox 1 and this video just leeds you to think xbox is better when it is not stop being so damn bias even my lil bro which is a hard core xbox fan says the same thing and is now saving up so he can get one

Omgpop34 Last name says:

I have Spotify on my Xbox one #AppleTV

Konrad M says:

if you were an Xbox player your whole life don't ever think about going to ps4 upgrade to Xbox 1

Daren Keo says:

Who tf would multi task while playing a game at the same time wtf

Dogus Apple says:

xbox winn !!!

Amarjit Khehra says:

what background music name

Christian Black says:


Zero necker says:

Just stop PS and XBox fanboys, I am a Asian so I would choose the PS4 cause the bloody Xbox is expensive as hell, starting at (Malaysia money) RM3500 while PS4 sits in between RM2500 to RM2800. Last video, Austin said that the PS4 have better graphics but Xbox is much more powerful with its hardware. Though I have to say, Japanese is win, I mean look at their cars, we got Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Subaru. Which is all great car manufacturers, because American cars have huge CCs but it's fucking useless compare to the Nissan GT-R, the Dodge Viper have a 6.9L V8 while the GT-R have a 3.8L V6 with two turbos. And they both have 600hp. What in the world is wrong with America? Also Microsoft is eating money of Asians, they didn't think about all Asia and we have to give DOLLORS instead of RM. While Sony is all over the world and supports every country.

GameBeatz says:

Xbox one is better.
Nobody can argue.

RegularOtaku says:

I don't get why you have to pay to play Multiplayer on both xbox one and ps4. On a pc you don't (In most cases)

Sean Ororke says:

do best smart watches

Borderlands808 says:

I will never "rent" a game! Sony is stupid/greedy for doing that!

noa haile says:

i Still can't understand how you Think the PS4 controller is better than the xb1 controller, a game pad pannel is not that usefull

UntouchableRD says:

a gaming console is for gaming, Xbox doesn't even compare

iPad Video Tutorials says:

Had a PS4 add before this video – lol

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