Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cc(Countless)

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Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cc(Countless)
Another logo design tutorial, with very unique feature. It is from from number of pieces of circular surfaces. Each pieces are arranged in different layers forming like a wave. These various waves are composed in a circular shape. So design this logo we will first use the ellipse tool and create out the basic the basic structure. The use the ellipse tool to create number of rings, which will be arranged according to the shapes. Use the shape builder to separate out each pieces separately. We will also use pen tool to create the rounded shapes on the top. Then fill the color and the text. Check out the whole designing process in this video.

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Tony 03458385586 says:

excellent video

owaisgraphics says:

Dear Sir, / Mam

I am a professional Graphics Designer i.e.

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Banner Design
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Мария Федотова says:

Thank you for that cool tutorial.

tahir arif says:


YP Mike says:

Hi, can you give me an idea for " Team Victory " logo? please i can't make one beautiful

Suliman Algabarty says:

Great …………….Thanks

G7' says:

Guys, I have a question.Where can I find the gradients and how to install them?

Alexnder Díaz says:

Good video

MBK-GFX says:

I have this problem in Illustrator cc 2015 where shapes won't snap with each either.
even with smart guides turned on. It's driving me crazy! any one know what to make of it ?

jota says:

another spectacular work, not to get away from the standard of its art works presented in these videos channel. Congratulations and thank you for sharing it with us.

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