Photoshop Tutorial: Process of Creating a Logo Design

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Video Description: This is the general process of how i make and create my logo designs. I hope that this video informs you of awesome tips to creating your own personal/client logos in the future!
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Jay Scuzzy says:

How come I go to fill path and it fills around the outside of the path not the inside?

NMZS 007 says:

SesO Can U Do To My Channel A Gaming Logo ? Please

Fenrir says:

pppproportions. haha sorry it was too funny

smiley wolf says:

the way you talk makes it seem like you're very excited about sth XD

Gregory Lakics says:

Wow….The first 2 minutes were all about you. I love your technique and style, you just need to stop drinking so much EXPRESSO….

Zaki Alam says:

Hello, I simply copied your process to see what happens. Problem is I got stuck after fill path and delete path (15:35), I cannot duplicate by holding alt+shift. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Is there any other way to duplicate? Please help me out.

GhosttzGFX says:

listen to 8:509:30 on 0.5 speed. He sounds high xD I died

Tyler Courts says:

For the love of god, please stop talking so fast….

Luukeey says:

I need a logo for an L but i can't think of anything! :(

SKATT3R says:

How did you make your settings because mine is all messed up and it doesn't show the grid or the buttons for centering things

FireAceGaming says:

What was the size of the background

Lyno HQ says:

The joke is there arent any secrets

Goko567 says:

SesO, I need help creating a logo like this but I want a G.
Who knows, I might even donate if you help! :)

DBZayan says:

im using internet explorer,i hope this comment isnt late,happy new year 2004!

Pam Treece says:

talks way too fast

Audio BaJa says:

great designing man

Shaun Masi says:

You just earned yourself a new subscriber. Thanks man.

DezoGraphic. says:

How to make me logo Pliss

Ramona S says:

It sounds like you're rapping at the beginning xD

Pranav Birari says:

Awesome tutorial!!!! Very well explained 😀 +SesO 

ZNDR UC says:

When I use the pen tool it fills the shape be its self and I cant change it. I doesn't even let me make it myself. Can someone help me?

Bruchhammer says:

and letter B?

william degard says:

Could you possible make a tutorial for a 2d logo that includes a Z as a main letter?

OscarT9011 says:

How do I protect my work?
And reserve all my rights and copyright my design and if I need to make trademark?

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