Fiverr Logo Design Rant

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Fiverr Logo Design Rant
In this video I talk about my feelings on Fiverr and Logo Design.

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I’m not outrightly against Fiverr in concept, but I am graphic designers devaluing themselves and I am also against designers who are not qualified perpetuating the idea that you can get quality logo design for as low as $5.

I feel that logo design is an investment and that it should be viewed in that way. If you can’t afford to invest past a certain point that is one thing, but if you are an established company I think that using Fiverr is either a gamble or taking advantage of people who may not know their own value.

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Mellyssa Diggs (Luna Nightingale) says:

I really agree with you. You cannot be on Fiverr and be able to pay bills and make back that investment. I figured this out when I took a glance at it (before watching this video and other people views on Fiverr). In my mind, I am trying to be a professional graphic designer, I can't be using Fiverr. I have been designing since the 10th grade surprisingly and I go through Craigslist myself, because I am still working to have a successful business myself. I still got a long way to go, however, I know I am professional as well and using Fiverr just feels…weird to me and somewhat unethical for a designer who wants to be a professional or claims to be one.

Donna Ledbetter says:

I like this video but it's a little hypocritical. What you're saying is that there are some professions that should be taken seriously and some that shouldn't. Transcribers are professionals and their skill varies as much as it does among graphic designers. If artists (of any medium) shouldn't use Fiverr to sell their work, then no one should. What you're really revealing in this video is your bias towards artists over other professionals.

Alien8ed Designer says:

Question for you. I have recently started freelancing as a graphic artist and have been working with a site called It has a lot of jobs but also has a bunch of people from other countries that are more than happy to swarm on every post and underbid the jobs to death. I was curious if you have dealt with this site or this problem before? If so how did you deal with it?

Thomas Soto says:

Hey Roberto, I'm a graphic designer from Venezuela. I've graduated over a year ago and worked at an advertising agency, I decided to quit and go freelance since I got a great portfolio with Logo design, web design and social media. Since then I've been working with Fiverr and have tried other options as you mention PPH, elance, upwork and so on. So far I haven't had any results using any of those websites except for Fiverr.

I'm not sure if it's because I'm not inside USA or what, but it has been extremely difficult for me to find online work. Also just to mention, my countries economy sucks. Basically $15 is more than the regular monthly paycheck. It's really sad and things aren't getting any better. Therefore any money I can get from Fiverr is great. Even so, my expectations are to leave this place eventually and that's where things get messy since all my earning end up being nothing.

Now what I'd like to know, is how should I approach looking for online design jobs? How do you got started on this finding the right clients? I've got no fear, my work is great and I really want to make a living but man is it hard from my standpoint.

Here you can check some of my work if you wish.

Michelle Dixon says:

First of all, I would not call this a rant. Mad people rant. You're passionate about what you do. You've done it enough to understand the value of the investment that it takes to be successful in digital design. It's not an easy thing to accomplish for many of us and if you are gifted enough or willing to put in the work it takes to make it look easy than you understand that you are offering something that deserves the price tag you put on it. I agree totally with what you have said in this video. It's no different than a plastic surgeon charging $20 for a boob job. Ludicrous! If a designer wants to sell his designs for $5 that's his prerogative, but we all should be made aware of the worth of what we have to offer and to demand to be treated accordingly! Thank you for the wake up call! GOD BLESS

WD Designz says:

+Roberto Blake I strongly agree with you! There is so much work involved when it comes to graphic designing. Also, do you know any websites that can allow to set your own prices?

Ether Lie says:

what's your opinion about design competition ? like 99design

btw this is my first time here, and your videos are great
and sorry for my english :D

Johnny Brist says:

So they do an hours work or more for the price of a HAMBURGER! Wow, so why don't they just go stand on a street corner and ask for money to get that amount for a hamburger instead, like beggars do? Basically they are begging someone to BUY their work for the price of a hamburger!!

Christopher Sworen says:

Hate to burst your bubble about "crappy audio" but I can barely hear you. This is one of the quietest videos I've ever watched. Could use a little better microphone work.
Other than that, great info. I'm learning a lot from your videos.

Ken jon says:

What is another website were they pay more than Fiverr?

Namenlos says:

Your arguments are always very elaborate and concise. Really appreciate it. Thanks for valuable contributions to the creative community!

David Prendergast says:

I'm only 13 should I use fiver in graphic design

Colin Bishop says:

When I see the fiverr posts for $5 logos on Facebook it definitely hits a nerve. How good are these logos?

Pedro Zurita says:

why do you devalue the cost of a translator and the software they use? creative ability is no less than linguistic talent. be fair all ways and pay for quality just as you point at others. dont abuse the system on one side and bash it on the other. you as a graphic designer get upended because other graphic designers are undervaluing YOU, not themselves. YOU'RE the one that is being forced to justify your pricing over them. unfair competition is the future of every industry because every single day more people are fighting to eat the same pie at the same table with the same silverware. it won't get easier.

david ememe says:

If you are staring on Fiverr, then you ought to start selling your Stuffs at  $5, I do charge as High as $100 – $250 for a Logo to my clients, its all about your Entrepreneur Skills .. I have  made a lot of money from Fiverr as a FreeLancer and also than dealing with People outside the  Freelancing sites

DesignsAcademy says:

I respect your opinion, but I feel as if you think basing money off of the integrity of your business is ludicrous. People need to realize, digital art doesn't have a international price. Maybe you feel scared of the fact, people can do what you do for only $5.00. At the end of the day, no matter how much money you spend on a logo, it's about what it looks like. You're judging you opinions all on assumptions that are poorly analyzed. Stop using currency as a counter argument.

John Paul Borrego says:

I certainly agree that a brand Identity is an important investment. I was just about to get a Logo done by someone on Fiverr for a movie prop. He is from India and does great work. What I take away from your video is that it urks you to see people downplay your profession by essentially charging street trick prices. I can accept that. Graphic design is very difficult and time consuming and the tools are expensive. As in any industry there will be supply and demand for all markets. I see Fiverr primarily for juveniles on an allowance income dressing up pages with Fiverr low cost quick turn around services/product. Cheers.

SapioSauce says:

gig extras probably didnt exist when you made this video I am guessing?

Chris Weber says:

Also how do you know if your designs or art is worth the big bucks? For example if I make something for someone and do exactly what they want and they love the logo and even I like the logo, but then a veteran looks at it and says that it's a crap logo then how would I know that is bad? If this makes sense lol.

Chris Weber says:

I have thoughts about fiverr and hopefully I can get some feedback. I have just graduated college with a degree in graphic design and am working full time with a graphic design job. I was looking to start a fiverr because I need to work on my portfolio so that I can get to the point to where I can charge 500 per logo. I feel like fiverr is perfect for me. It would be side money and great experience working with clients and building a portfolio. You can also pick your emphasis so that you can practice your trade more specifically. Just a few thoughts on it.

A Nerd's World says:

I couldn't agree more!

Brian rodriguez says:

what sites do you recommend for a starter designer ? +Roberto Blake

Annie R says:

Roboto, I am a consumer of fiverr, and yes I use it for logos! I always thought fiverr as an opportunity for students, grads to build a portfolio and as an affordable service for small business.  It works for our business.  $20 per month = 5-6 gigs seems a bit rough given students should be spending their time studying, not really a way for them to earn a living or even supplement their income, only a way of building a portfolio.  The disappointing thing for me with fiverr is I found a designer I loved, he did great work.  He no longer works on fiverr, and after much searching I'm not able to find him – I would gladly have followed him to his own business and paid (a lot) more for his work!  
So Students if your going to use fiverr as a way of building your portfolio then make sure your fiverr clients can find you post fiverr!!  And make sure you have a line item as a selectable service for your clients to click on to give you a bit of a bonus :)

MrYouBeReal says:

But these guys on fiverr only have a start up price of £$5 and then the price goes up.

João Pedro says:

People on fiverr don't make 5 bucks xD some of them make more than anyone who "values their work" consider 1 gig a month for 500 dollars vs 1000 gigs 5 bucks a piece, usually fiverrs get very fast with their work and manage to output at least 1 logo a day. that's just for basic 5 dollar gigs, most clients go for more expensive gigs. So yes, they make a lot of money, don't worry they have no problems paying the light bill if they are any good xD

CaptiveDesigns says:

Thanks man you stated exactly what I thought. I am 16 in high school and know a lot about graphics, but since I do not have "Professional" in my name people are not willing to pay higher prices. My work to me is valued higher than I charge.

Alan slakboy boy says:

You buy super awesome apps for less than a dollar on app's stores. Are they unprofessional? This is a business model where you have a HUGE broad audience, hence you charge lower the price. 

Welcome to new era of Service Market. Get over it.

Ashley Morton says:

I hear ya buddy. I agree. It really has been hard for me to decide to 'move into' graphic design because it's a bit hard to put a price on my work without feeling like I'm 'ripping off' people. It really took me some time to realize how much I've put into developing a talent like this. This isn't a 'quick and simple' mental investment, designing…you either love it or you don't. I put a lot of myself into making full sense of design…and many things have become second nature for ME…and when I say that…I mean…we spend so much time LEARNING it…that when we learn to do the things we do in what eventually feels like a 'flick of the wrist' (Or two hours hovering intently over a zoomed in screen adjusting each pixel, color, placement and timing just so) that we forget that while it may only take us say…20 minutes to put something that NOW has become simple for us…we dismiss the YEARS of LOTS of time we invested into LEARNING that. It's not just 'that easy' for any random Joe…maybe it would be for them after taking the time to learn it…but it's time THEY don't want to HAVE to concern themselves with…and that's where WE…and our VALUE comes into play. We've taken the time to really get to understand the nuances of design on a full spectrum basis…from discovering the resources, to finding out the methods, to putting in the time and getting the experience on how to implement those things. And hey, having the patience to tweak each bit and portion that is taken for granted…whether in graphic design or web design. And lets not forget learning the 'rules' of the trade…(copyright anyone?) I spent a lot of time doing work for free…or as 'favors'. Not anymore. If they want free or cheap work, they can get it somewhere else. My time and skill are valuable and I have plenty of people who feel that way and pay me as such. :)

Rayad Boyce says:

Hi I felt the same way. I glad you mention it. Because a friend invited me to joint fiverr but the cost for quality work is too cheap. I will be glad if they raise that for $5 and let you set the cost for your self.

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