What is Nuclear Fallout? (Fallout Science)

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In this video we take a look at what radioactive nuclear fallout is from the game Fallout. Hey I’m Mike and if you’ve played Fallout, you know how awesome it is to fight radioactive mutants in the nuclear wasteland. But how dangerous is the a nuclear wasteland? What is nuclear fallout? I hope you enjoy!

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Joan Ortiga says:

incredible, as always

TheGamingPig18 says:

The crazy thing to know is that one country can Litteraly end the world.

Zach Parry says:

I love your channel man. Every video i learn something. Also enjoy the gaming vids you did. Got any merch planned?

yokoemo da dog says:

if a bomb really exist like this one , which country would actually create it

PlasmaBacon says:

Death Star Science

Xavier Ford says:

the war was between america and china, can you do a video on how to survive if the earth and moon get thrown out a the solar system

Mobox Motion Graphic Tutorials says:

!!! Sexy Graphics !!!

David Moyer says:

The death claw was made by the US army to replace ground troops. They were not a product of post war fallout.

Jake H says:

Don't forget that the bomb test for the Tsar bomb was only half of what it could do, they only permitted half of its potential yield for testing… at least I'm pretty sure.

Justin Torres says:

he is very smart

DannypatsGaming says:

You need more subscribers! How do you only have 14,500!

Rammy391 says:

Love your videos man!

Luis Burgos says:

I think deathclaws were man made by the enclave to use them as super soldiers, deathclaws originally were Jackson's chameleon

Hazmatkiller777 says:

Wtf dude Chernobyl was due to a reactor meltdown not a detonation of a nuclear weapon lol

Hazmatkiller777 says:

Wtf dude Chernobyl was due to a reactor meltdown not a detonation of a nuclear weapon lol

Elias Velazquez says:

awesome video

Untitledgameshow says:

Another great video Mike.

Doge Anderson says:

3:50, thousands of years…

kais marz says:

You deserve waaaay more subs

Isaiah Subia says:

Wow now I got goosebumps on my goosebumps.Thanks Mike,you're video was scarier than Swan the Behemoth.Sunshine and lollipops…(Thankyou though loved it!)

fuzzywiseman says:

Amazing video Mike! Great graphics and great science!

linguini33 says:

Wow, Great video Mike! This has to be one of your best. I loved how you used the AA-12 from MW2 and the amount of information on this video. Keep up the amazing work!

Michael Payne says:

and it's laser cannon that destroys planets

Michael Payne says:

do science for the death star instead of the force

The Cridic says:

can you do a science on the force since Star Wars came out

Danie Olea says:

This is factually scary, because if these bombs fall into the wrong hands, chaos is bound to happen

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