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The most extensive face transplant in medical history has taken place. Volunteer Firefighter, Patrick Hardison, received a full scalp, face, ears, lips, and upper and lower eyelids. His face got disfigured while making a rescue. The $1,000,000 26-hour surgery was done by a 150 person medical team from the New York University Langone Medical Center. The 41-year-old now has the face of a 26-year-old. The donor recently died in an extreme cycling accident.

This morning on The Today Show, Charlie Sheen came out and said that he is HIV Positive. This does NOT mean that he has AIDS. He is currently taking medication and according to him, the HIV is nearly traceable in his blood. Regardless of how untraceable it is, he still has HIV and will continue to have it. Charlie Sheen is also in the midst of serious legal issues as well. If previous partners find out they’re HIV positive and Charlie didn’t tell them, it’s a crime in California to have unprotected sex with a disease. Or it could be just “unsavory types” looking to cash in on his millions. Watch the full interview at the link below.

Oxford Dictionary released their 2015 Word of the Year and it’s….the “Tears of Joy” emoji. Yes, you read that right. A damn smiley face with tears is a “word.” I hate our culture so damn bad. Some of the other words include, ad blocker, dark web, and lumbersexual.

Finally, in today’s sexy news, check out a sexy gallery of the always beautiful Meg Turney, and watch a ground of retriever puppies learn to swim for the first time.
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Charlie Sheen Today Show HIV Announcement: http://elitedai.ly/1S1VWsB
Charlie Sheen Open Letter About HIV: http://brobible.it/1S1VZ7K
What Is HIV? How Is HIV Different From AIDS?: http://read.bi/1S1W1fF
Most Extensive Face Transplant In Medical History: http://bit.ly/1S1W2Au
Oxford Dictionary 2015 Word of the Year: http://bit.ly/1NZSi32
Meg Turney Hot Pictures: http://bit.ly/1NZSn6R
Retriever Puppies Swimming For First Time: http://bit.ly/1NZSoI9
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Mnemosyne says:

"bae" and "yas"

Taylor Ward says:

Meg Turney is still around? After she left SourceFed I stopped following her.

Taylor Ward says:

I feel your pain about allergies, they're so horrible.

Candy's Channel says:

"Bae" is my most hated word of the year. I just can't relate to it lol.

Candy's Channel says:

Michael, you are no doing the Movember thing? I noticed you don't have facial hair this year. :)

scott mccowan says:

Herat and prayers go out to the fireman with the new face.
And Meg Turncy, I have to agree. WOW!!!

cindyreddeer says:

When I read about the face transplant yesterday the mother of the donor was quoted as saying "my son always wanted to be a fireman". <3

スレイヤーケルドン says:

Agreed with the hated word… They shouldn't have stooped so low as to add the new generation stupidity into the official dictionary, it just allows them to do it and not get frowned at… It ticks me off.

スレイヤーケルドン says:

Agreed with the hated word… They shouldn't have stooped so low as to add the new generation stupidity into the official dictionary, it just allows them to do it and not get frowned at… It ticks me off.
Doing this allows stupidity to further take roots into society. >:|

bronzemakeup says:

I wanted the word of the to be buttgahnut! I'll try again in 2016! I made a hashtag and promoted the word earlier in the year too!!

Urban Zoric says:

Your commentary is sooo.. good!!

The Wolferton Network says:

Amazing what medical procedures can do in this day and age!

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