Etoro Review — Best Forex Trading Platform

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ayeres James says:

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bonnye biris says:

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Karla Obrien says:

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khaw aja says:

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Warren D says:

Hi what is your name on Etoro, do you copy anyone?

eToro says:

Thanks for the great feedback guys! Providing great service is our number one goal so it really makes us happy to read comments like this. Stay tuned because we're going to be releasing lots of new tools and features soon!

Happy trading!

Ami B says:

I'm using etoro for a few months now. It's simply the best in market

madjunir says:

good quick overview (video and link), but hopefully you can make a more in depth review.

I have read many problems with eToro so i wouldn't say they are "best", but would say they one of the most user friendly. So hopefully you can make later on a more in depth review with your own experience and things that they can improve.

MallowTV says:

I usually pull in about 750 pips a week using etoro

fabio sukin says:

I agree, etoro provides top notch service

TheCallOfDutyN00B says:

good job Michelle!

TheMunchyNUTS says:

I like it! Bien fait!

Anh Nguyễn Kim says:

lol Alex was right,this is awesome

m00nstru says:

How the HELL did you do that! Crazy good!

anhhung500 says:

mind if i post this on my blog?

BillCartwright42 says:

Enjoyed this video, thanks

kate spade says:

Great job, I am definitely fond of your video and look forward to more from you!

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