AngularJs Ionic Mobile App Development Tutorial

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I am going to walk you through the easiest way to get a mobile app started with PhoneGap and Ionic… Plus a little bit of Angular fu

Yo Ionic:

//That cool Panda thing I totally showed you: Google search panda chrome app.


Pablo Esteban Nicolás Cabrol says:

it is Diego Netto, the author of this soft!!!

Sanjida dha says:

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ArunKumar Murugesan says:

Thanks dude… awesome one

Jess T says:

this doesnt work when you load it onto the browser its a blank screen and theres no www folder which came up with an error on the command line prompt tool

Jacob Jonm0 says:

Could you tell me how should I make my background black or other colors?

Zi Lang says:

There is no User Intro for me to select? What should I do? Thanks

♫ diti ♫ says:

i dont have the "User Intro" or "Maps" template !

Yeah Venezuela says:

Hello, I followed your videos, very good, I have a question that database have to use, for ionic app and my website?

binyas kk says:

What all Dependencies you installed before installing "yo Ionic"?,

Gaurav Gupta says:

Awesome tutorial Jeremy! Why don't you post it on as well?

Iman Khaghani Far says:

you make all sort of sounds with you mouth

Caleb Nasio says:

Hey there +Jeremy Stover i followed your really awesome tutorial. though I get stuck on the building part for android. Am using windows 8 to do this. Each time I run "grunt cordova" I get an error stating "warning: Task cordova not found. Use –force to continue." Even after i use force i still get an error and process stalls. What might i be doing wrong? Anyone out there help

Leandro Lima says:

Diego Netto is pronounced Dee-a-go Ne-to (the sound of the "e" in Netto is similar to the sound of "e" in Jeremy). *thumbs up"  for trying :)

Yash Saxena says:

loool. I didn't know that Seth Rogan fucked with ionic.

Kristjan Ulst says:

Problem solved! I had to set some PATH's variables in windows (Git).

Ahmed Alejo says:

great tutorial: but should stop making distracting sounds with your mouth. "ammmmmm" is good enough :)

Essie says:

Boom shkaalkaa boom boom, problem solved.

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