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[WAR GAMES] UFO Sightings HAARP WEAPON ATTACKS BATTLE SHIP! 11/25/2015 Navy’s HMCS Halifax water spout Attack’s Vessel? Photo Submitted to Thirdphaseofmoon Via Derek Bury‎ Facebook: This photo was taken around 5pm EST around Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada from the Canadian Navy’s HMCS Halifax by an Image technician on board the vessel.

Source: Craig Baines

Commander of Canadian Fleet Atlantic, Royal Canadian Navy / Commandant de la Flotte Canadian de l’Atlantique, Marine royal Canadian

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Buffer Zone says:

Finally. Someone gets it and admits it. Yes it is HAARP

Stewart McPherson says:

Come on guys, yet again, its a water spout, but naw thats not good , its a HAARP weapon..llf, get a grip.

Jonathan Cruz says:

you could say that they are spying on us to try to find a way how they could screw us or Russia and China teaming up and our marriage. And even know nothing about it thanks to some people off the land of Alaska. Seen from far distance and took a look at it and then set it and explained it how was so it looks like we're on the war something's going on and they're hiding it behind our backs not even letting the residents on citizens united states know about it

Jonathan Cruz says:

pitch China submarine ride off the coast of Alaska China created a weapon that is almost like that you will fold technology with and at the East Coast they caught a submarine that was off Georgia so there's something going on check this out please

Mike's Micro Shop says:

I can't take you guys anymore! You used to have some interesting stuff on your channel, but these days all you have is mostly nothing! Then you come on and start talking and you sound like a broken record, everything is HARRP and Cern! You don't even know what you are talking about 99% of the time and you sound like uninformed hysterical nuts! You make it harder for p[people that are actually doing serious research by giving people a REALLY bad impression of the whole field! Please stop trying to make something out of nothing! I for one as well as many others am out!!! I am unsubscribing there is nothing here worth continuing to click on your uploads. I have given you guys way to much time hoping that you would get your collective heads of Knuckle out of your backsides long enough to start posting content worth watching. But you have wasted my time and my faith that surly you will actually find something that is really unexplained to post. I wish you the best of luck, but you have finely lost me! Unsubscribing!

Willian Paul Barraza says:

You place to target out in the distance then you observed from a distance. those could be unmanned ships out there in the distance. And that appears to be a waterspout. Waterspouts are truly deadly depending on their size and severity. I watched a video of an airplane drive through a waterspout in the Bermuda Triangle

Willian Paul Barraza says:

Here is my point of reference one of the ships in the disaster observing it a practice of weather manipulation project.

Edward West says:

yo no conozco varon….

kevin bell says:

'' WOW ! '' HOLY DOG SHIT ! You two couldn't sound more like two jacked up 'fan boy's' jerking off to some unexplained phenomenon that you don't know how to explain but just have to have a opinion about because of you're excitement level, even if you tried !

Is it at all possible that the man made energy and radiation's that are emanating from the ship '' INADVERTENTLY '' created the funnel ? PLEASE, PLEASE ! Let scientists and engineers figure this out before we start arbitrarily blaming H.A.A.R.P or ANYONE for that mater ! '' Thank you . ''

lonewolf9390 says:

Oh wow…a waterspout. Definitely alien weather manipulation warfare……. Get real.

greatbay1961 says:

YEAH there were 3 or 4 hitting a Russian ship too, you could see them all coming together and hitting the ship..you all watch too many johnny quest cartoons



Michael Brown says:

Why does EVERY strange occurrence have to be HAARP with you guys?? HAARP can't be used for every strange thing around the world. Sorry you can't explain everything, neither can I. But I'm intelligent enough to know HAARP "tests/attack" can't explain every weird thing. You've come to use this as a go-to when you have no clue what's going on.

MrDamailman says:

Navy vessels drive through these water spouts just to get their ships cleaned by mother nature. What kind of idiot are you to mislead people. "You are sure this is a weapon?" Yeah, and lightning is a weapon too right? You are either afraid of your own shadow…or….well, you are just stupid for even posting and advertising this as anything but a water spout. Like I said…..the Navy ships drive right through these…..just like a car wash does to a car. Get a job man!

MrDamailman says:

OMG. This is a water spout. They occur all the time in Florida and other places. Large ships actually drive right throught these to get a good "wash". Nothing at all curious here. Don't blow silly, natural weather phenomena up please. A water spout is basically a tornado over water…but the winds are far weaker…..less that 75 mph. I have seen many before. Again, this is NOT anything unusual.

Coke Man says:

When did this happen? What country is ship from? Why is it not on mainstream news? Facts required thank you.

Paul singh-sangha says:

The only thing that comes to mind is that if it was a test the nature of which is referred to why would they conduct it in sight of the public? I would assume they would carry out testing of this nature over waters not accessible to onlookers. It seems other things such as knowledge of UFO's is kept highly sensitive. But, that's just my speculation?

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