Spectacular UFO Sightings HUGE UFO EVENT OVER Indonesia 2015 Breaking News!

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Spectacular UFO Sightings HUGE UFO EVENT OVER Indonesia 2015 Breaking News! Just into Thirdphaseofmoon 12am Hawaii time…More video and follow up soon!
Captured by Ketut Pudja 11/25/2015

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Nightmare UFO-OVNI says:

good job man

obe dan says:


Werner Walter says:

This are Magnesium Flares from the Airforce in Indonesia. A UFO-Investigator from Mannheim/Germany

Anton Widiastanto says:

In which part of Indonesia exactly?

Le Gite Layer Cake says:

My country!

Xane Jan says:

probably just some lanterns from a festival. .I.

Kelly Sheridan says:

This one is pretty wild !!!

Alien Abduction says:

Wow look, its an alien ship. Happy Thanksgiving. Wow. I've seen something like this, before. Hello, Blake. Wow.

Master Chief says:

I can't wait for the fucking idiots to come here and say "Oh, it's a bunch of helicopters you retards." or "It's the sun's reflection on the clouds you dumb twats!" or some dumb shit like that, God just shut the fuck up and accept that something interesting and cool is happening for once.

yogi irvan arya says:

i'am indonesian, from where you get this vidio?

Antonio Manuel Bobadilla De Ovín says:

This is so legit!
Cheers from the land of Larimar stones!

David Rankine says:

one of the most authentic I've seen in years

Angel Kumala says:

that was kuyang

Neer Jackson says:

now we have to just wait for the US government to claim that its a hot air balloon or some shit

RockStarPreacher says:

"There was a War in Heaven."

Baky Tuning says:

Putin ;)

Dolly Safran says:

The bright light is them in trans dimensional leap.

Dolly Safran says:

Yea. That is incoming ET craft. They are busy there.

mcloven says:

I saw the same lights last week but in Houston Texas at 3:00am I have a husky puppy and she try to came inside of the house.. after that every night you can see USA army helicopters in the sky that's weird…………

Albert sifuentes says:

I'm looking for your dealer…

WeveNever BeenAlone says:

Nice one. Awesome capture.

Coke Man says:

Missle test

Jessica Russell says:

I said ailens where real in science

Otto Nomicus says:

Clearly car headlights and tail lights reflecting off the inside of a windshield. The red ones are tail lights.

OliverD42 says:

Great video. As usual with retarded audio.

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