Session Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cc

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Session Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cc
Today we will working on another 3D logo design. We have got the alphabet S which has got 3D perspective view and also nice 3d depth and glossy effect. So to design this logo we will first use the rectangle tool and create out the basic shape of this lower design. Then with the help of extrude and bevel option, we will create out the basic structure. After that using the pen tool, line segment tool and shape builder tool we will create out the upper design and do some tweaking. Now fill up the gradient color and finally add up the 3d depth, shadows and glossy effects. Check out the video for further details.

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Omar Al-bimmaly (‫عمر البيمالي‬‎) says:

what is this Program(the name of this)

Teodora - Maria Sandu says:

Will be greatfull if you will work lil bit to your accent! I dont get some points. :(

Jacob Clark says:

i hate the damn pen tool

Derrick Stratton says:

Who is the actual designer that made this logo? Good tutorial btw!

James Wong says:

How to be creative? How do u design it?

Антоний Левицкий says:

Пиздец у тебя уебищный голос, мудила

Mike Sahara says:

very good i like it!

blackcode08 says:

that 'S' is epic. good job!

Anup Krishna Das says:

Nice design ……. :)

Srikanth Kumar says:

want 1080p videos

Naimat Ullah says:

Hy I am Graphic Designer From last 3 To 4 Years

I will be able to Design any sort of logo
I will Design Professional logo or any kind of logo
for example Business,education and health logo etc

MilkVisuals says:

When I Make the Rectangle (VERY FIRST STEP).. My selection tool does not indicate the inner points to make the corners round.

Tips ??

Gregory Nomura says:

how do you set it so you have those circle points to curve the edges?

Sx Studio says:

just I like your work ..! awesome. I want to do like you but I don't have creativity

Suliman Algabarty says:

Awsome…. BiG LikE

Storm TV says:

@creatnprocess plz how to add that small circle thats help to curve the edges, make the corners looks rounds?

TheHoolabalooga says:

Thank you. This helped me a lot

Shabbir Dharwala says:

Awsome man .

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