Best logo design Ideas 10

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Gamage Hemaratne says:

Thanks Sir, Your guide lines helped me for self learning. ………I Learned many techniques.

Mw Aathif says:

I luckily came across your impressive videos now and viewed more about 8 videos til now. all of them are very impressive. at the same time, you have shown up the proper method of how to do it, this is the best part.. as most of them who upload, certain areas use of tools they dont show it how to do it, dont know they do it purposely or mistakenly. however your all videos are superb!!! I learned lot from your videos, i am a logo designer. i would be much happy if i could get in touch with you. thank you. keep it up!!!

Umair Ali says:

Superb Aslam Sir Thanx For This …..!!!!!!

Sher3n1 says:

A very nice logo,,,

Diego FLA says:

good Man…

Lalaoui mohammed salim says:

nice idea ☻♥♦♣♠

krish madhurakavi says:

its really awesome

krish madhurakavi says:

how to create a word same like this can you suggest me

OM PRAKASH Sharma says:

bhai apko bhaut bhaut dhnyewaad sir g

Miguel Ángel “MAB015” B. says:

Hi! The logo of food, example of the vectors, have?

tri in ao minh tri says:

mình ở bến tre pải tự học tự làm nhung kem lắm vẩn chưa biết tram hóa

tri in ao minh tri says:

cho minh hỏi bạn biết cách tram hóa xuất phim cho nghìn in lưới ko chỉ mình với

TBT Silently says:

great tutorial …… thanks !!!

Alfonso Ramirez says:

very nice. thanks :).

gracias x compartir estas grandiosas ideas… saludos

Amel Lamri says:

Very nice

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