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Jeffery and Sam dream about owning robots.


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Cole Younger says:

Hmmmm I heard some real talk in this video. Anyone else notice the truth he was spitting out there?

Trevor Philips says:

I think Julian is a robot, I mean he is obviously a defective model based on Jeffrey.

ajsbeast says:

Fallout 4!!!!!!

Billyisbored says:

Have you ever noticed that Julian and Jeff looks alike? No never mind.

Teikuz The Pyromaniac says:

If we could download information into our heads, it would make school so much easier.

ThatBulgarian says:

Breakfast has gone downhill. At first you had great guests but now you just get anyone you can find. Sam didnt even contribute much to the conversation. You should stop doing breakfast twice a week and just do once with a good guest.

Tree Eater says:

r0b0ts? wat r datz

Jay Pony says:

Now I have a craving only nut milk can satisfy.

kiyrosblaze says:

Julian is a sythh!!!!! (from fallout)

Katana Kitty says:

No good comments yet


Foxythe Pirate says:

in stead of a regular robot why not the terminator

Alexandra Shockley says:

"Come over! Bend over! Time to get my nut milk!"

Jawaddles says:

We already have SEVERAL slave labor laws for robots.

clay bomb11 says:

Lol ROBOTS!!! Lol

Austin Vawter says:

It's kinda sad. Looks like almost all his subscribers left. That sucks, but that's what happens when you go a year or two without posting.

Soar Wing (Skyla The Immortal Of Weather, Madelyn The Animatronic Police Dog And Many Other OC's) says:

24th lol

Minori B. says:

whoa, this is eerie.

Todd Chauffe Jr. says:

first dislike yeah

Mr .Versi says:

I fucking love you Julian!

CalifornIAN says:

Please for the intro put the breakfast vine hahaha

VanillaKingHD says:

I now know how 120 people spend their thanksgiving morning

Jeffrey Grose says:

56th viewer

etgillum says:

Is jellyfish or jelly-fish safe? I don't remember…

Jared Beardsley says:

Dang! Four minutes ago?? 37 views?? My new record! :D

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