Formula 1 (F1) 2015 Sound! Ferrari vs Mclaren vs Mercedes vs Redbull

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The New cars of Formula 1 2015 with pure sound.
F1 2015 sound V6 Turbo Comparison,Ferrari vs Mclaren-Honda vs Mercedes vs Redbull in Barcelona – Catalunya Circuit

El primer dia de entrenamientos de la formula 1 2015 con sonido puro.Comparacion de sonidos entre Ferrari vs Mclaren Honda vs Mercedes vs Redbull
en el circuito de Barcelona Catalunya.

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Jeroen Reyns says:

can anyone explain me what that grill thingy was doing over the left rear tyre of the first car?

Dennis Keurhorst says:

i wonder how they will sound next year with that double exhaust rule,

MultiRoss999 says:

tragic sound. I really miss the good old

cavaleer says:

Vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers… F1 has fallen.

Keegan Elliott says:

Jist have them rev higher!

2007suprasport says:

but I didn't here anything?

Raviraj Shinde says:


john yurkovich says:

I love all the fair weather Mercedes fans ha. Lewis won't be shit when the other teams catch up to them. If everyone had a Mercedes car Lewis would be 4th behind Alonso vettel ricciardo sorry but true. 

John Sikes says:

Sounds like shit compared to what how they sounded a few years ago.  Screamers to street sounding stuff.  Pathetic… Bernie is an asshole!

jstillusion says:

that sound makes me so sad.

Kristof Louvaert says:

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FastFerrari82 says:

Ferrari i think is best. But they all sound like they are farting or something. 

Bryan Wietelman says:

The Ferrari sounds like blown diffuser

jovanc100 says:

God damn that sound SUCKS… i dont wach F1 because sound…. No wistle No F1…Moto Gp is much better

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