Fatal crashes and tributes in Formula 1 championship

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R.I.P to all motorsport drivers in this video.
Chet Miller
Onofre Marimón
Manny Ayulo
Bill Vukovich
Pat O’Connor
Luigi Musso
Peter Collins
Stuart Lewis-Evans
Jerry Unser, Jr.
Bob Cortner
Chris Bristow
Alan Stacey
Wolfgang von Trips
Carel Godin de Beaufort
John Taylor
Lorenzo Bandini
Jo Schlesser
Gerhard Mitter


Darryl Ruiz says:

Another crash video with Metallica music

Peter Milton says:


The dullest thing on T V apart from watching Roy Hogsons England!!!

Mocking69 says:


Nipun F1 77 says:

You forgot Ricardo Rodiquez

manon cerise says:

je pensse a tout ses grand pilotes a chaque fois que je prend le volant .

Jeremy Hall says:

Cummon These guys and chicks hag far more cahoonas than we……

Giovanni Carpinetti says:

François Cervet, Ricardo Paletti, Ronnie Petersson, Gilles Villeneuve, Roland Ratzenberger Ayrton Senna e Jules Bianchi da F1!!!

Rick Atlas says:

Anyone knows at what speed Bandini Crached?

cordula Vig says:

is he death he looks like black nigger and stiff did he die

XY Dog Austria says:

Da Bekommt der Spruch Sport ist Mord eine ganz andere bedeutung.??

n0ah1897 says:

Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Nurburgring sure took a lot of lives.

Th3Dud3 says:

What happened at 5:55?

MonkeyMinecraftNL says:

Dan wheldon? Jules Bianchi?


music please

Itzgamer says:

And Jules bianchi

Andria Fisher says:

Rest in peace to all.

Now Bianchi.

Caroni100 says:

"Las carreras de automóviles siempre serán peligrosas"

Jackie Stewart (1939-     ) Ex-piloto escocés de Fórmula 1

Caroni100 says:

"Si un piloto muere, no le lloro. Si yo me matáse, Frank Williams me dedicaría un último pensamiento para luego preguntarse quien me sustituirá. Es lógico; somos mercenarios"

Alan Jones (1946-    ) Ex-piloto australiano de Fórmula 1

Piridajac says:

R.I.P. Too all my brother races…..

Michaël ROSMAN says:

Thanks  not forget all of them.!

hunterrupp2004 RBLX says:

Jules Bianchi died.

GoProBMWFreakAUT says:

Rest in Peace Jules
You still race in our hearths!

Lo Perquin says:

Sadly we have to add Jules via chi to the list

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