Bob Hoffman – The Golden Age of Bullshit – Advertising Week Europe 2014

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Bob Hoffman opens a fascinating debate on the failed predictions of advertising experts over the past decade, with particular focus on the social media marketing of brands. What are your thoughts on this? More on and


jagara1 says:

This talk is great – I am an IT developer and need clarity and straightforwardness in order to do my job and I love my job.
However there are plenty of upper level managers and others who use buzzwords such as 'content' or 'best practise' which quite simply mean fuck all!
These make my work hell as I cannot ever get a straight answer out of them.

Ay Bee says:

Advertising IS and always has been bullshit!  

Jessica Davidson says:

Thank you I really enjoyed it and found it very helpful.

set lock says:

i miss george carlin…

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