A Life in Advertising (Short Film)

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My Major Project (Graduation Film) for my final year Television Production Degree.

A comedy drama following a day in the life of Nate Bresnan, a man who sees life through a unique perspective – the medium of television advertising.


Tosin Olaoya says:

This is incredibly funny and insightful!!! Well done :D

Michael David Marshall says:

This is great!

Prasanna J says:

Love it. Really funny and good acting. Kudos.

Joshua Giovanni says:

The graphics where horrible. I mean they knew about HD editing in 2011.
But the story line is awesome. I can most def recognize myself in it

polskifowklor says:

This was very cool

Max Emdeembee says:

hahahaha this is brilliant the idea the acting and the overall pulling off of it honestly i hope that i make a short film as good as this one day it deserves way more than 7,805 views

Triet Le says:

This is so creative, Matt Spurr. Are you working in the industry now?

Johnny Elsewhere says:

The ending felt nothing like a resolution, but then again– it IS a short film; and a project, no less.

Proves that not all movies have happy endings. Haha!

Matt Wiese says:

Amazing. Daily newspaper delivered to your kitchen table every morning!

Adam Gibb says:

"compare a dickhead.com" Made me lmaoshidmtamsfo

Ravneet Singh Thukral says:

nice one….!

Abdul AlShehri says:

مزيل الدهون العالي ؟ لووول

Preet Singh Dhandwar says:

well done mate

laughinatchoo says:

Lovin the moves dude

Matt Spurr says:

@Fruted1 I have to say I have absolutely no idea what your talking about?! I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Fruted1 says:

But there was….but……nvm

Fruted1 says:

This was a project for a television degree.

mayadesertstar says:

A great idea and really well produced. Made me laugh out loud!

Michael Lowe says:

loving all the advert cut always in this! keep up the good work!

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