3)Dr Yogi Vikashananda’s prabachan on Health Science;Q&A

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(Uploaded by Shivaram Rayamajhi: Gothatar, Kathmandu, Nepal)

These series of prabachan will be very useful to people especially who speak and understand Nepali. Dr Yogi Vikashananda is the only spiritual person in Nepal who has been continuously giving his enlightening pravachans on every Saturdays on different topics for more than 25 years.He has been the source of inspiration for thousands and thousands of Nepali people.He is popular especially among young generation of Nepal.He is like a red rose from which you cannot take away your eyes.He is one of the very few charasmatic personalities I have ever met.Really he is our living national property of whom we are and will always be proud of.That is why I have posted these videos of his pravachans though I havenot met him for more than 6 years.

Some glances of the life of Dr Yogi Vikashananda

DOB of Dr Yogi Vikashananda : BS 2018/03/03/ or AD 1961/06/17/
Mother:Purna Devi Shrestha
Son:Quantum Sambuddha

If you look at his life, you can see that he has gone through many ups and downs.If you go through his biographies you feel very excited to know different turnings in his life.He was thrown to a Ganesh Mandir at Chetrapati just after his birth.This generous Newar family adopted him.Though he is well known as Vikashananda, his name is Vikashman Shrestha in his citizenship certificate.Earlier his name was Ekdantaman which is one of the name of Lord Ganesh.

He was a prize winning artist of Nepal when he was at the late teenage.He also got an oppurtunity to represent Nepal in the USSR.His experience in the USSR has come in his book “Lenin ko darsan dekhi Lena ko aalingan samma”(i.e.Visiting Lenin’s birthplace to falling in the arms of Lena)

Just after he returned from the USSR, one major turning in his life was waiting for him.He was suffering from constipation.He didnot get any cure to constipation from alopathy.So he turned to Naturopathy and Aurvedha as an alternative method.There he not only got cure to constipation but also got different paths to Sadhana.Once he had gone to Janakpurdham where he was mediating and suddenly he was jumping like a frog in the same meditiative position.He was experiencing SAMADHI(a type of temporary enlightenment).After some years he left his home and went to India in search of Gyan and Guru.He spent almost 8 years there and came back to Nepal.From then on he is in Nepal.He spent some years in Matatirtha practicing SADHANA in his own Ashram.At that time he even ran yoga classes for foreigners.He also taught yoga through Nepal Television for some months at the same time.He also gave pravachans on Radio Nepal.

Then another turning point in his life comes when one of his friends request him to come to Kathmandu and give pravachans.After some years he came with an idea to run all his programs under a movement called “Manokranti”.

To our surprise, Vikashananda is the first person of Nepal to introduce Superlearning, Mindtechnology and Reiki in Nepal.He has spread these branch of knowledges to thousands of Nepali over the years.He has raised a greater consciousness of knowledge in every field.For example a great portion of our people have been conscious about health from him.We have learnt to drink water every hour especially to increase our memory.We have learnt to eat brown rice so as to include fibre in our food.We already have so many medical doctors but see! we have learnt all these things from Dr Yogi Vikashananda not only because he is a doctor but because he implements all these things in his own life.So it has become easy to implement in our life also.Similarly he has taught us how to teach.He has taught us how to learn.To sum up he has been teaching us how to live life fully.Manokranti Movement has gone through different phases.Initially all the classes were charged.Then Vikashananda came with a 5 year program called “leadership development and self transformation program” for almost free.This was launched especially for the youths of Nepal.After this program has been finished he has shifted all his programs to Samakhusi.Currently his programs come in different media.

Radio prabachans:
Star fm: (9:10pm-9:45pm) Everyday
Radio Nepal: (5:08am-5:20am) Every Saturday
Bhaktidarshan TV Channel : (10am-11am) Every Saturday

In Nepali, there is a saying about king Ram Sah that “nyaya na-paye Gorkha janu”(i.e.if you havenot got justice go to Gorkha).In the same context I would like to say that if you havenot seen a real yogi, go and see and observe the life of Dr Yogi Vikashananda.He lives with his family.He lives in the center of the city.Yet he is not away from Samadhi.His “Vaab Samadhi” photo is the live and real example.I mean to say “A picture speaks louder than 1000 words”.


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