15 Most Advanced Robots Ever Invented

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From bionic men made of synthetic parts to a metal band entirely composed of robots, we count 15 quirky, complex robots from all over the world.
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holyfnshet says:

my sister had a furby 1 time. when we were little. i screamed fuck at it till after the billionth time it screamed it back at me. fearing i would be in trouble i then panicked and mashed it into the floor till the batteries came out and i hid it.

EnderCraft says:


Jacob Nachimswag says:

"All for the low price of $200,000 a piece" Please tell me you're being sarcastic…

Oliver Carr says:

Number one is so true.

Darijonskus says:

where is NAO?

Ángel Escobar says:

ingredebal robots olso cool i lik it :)

Bob omber says:

why was MiP not on this list

cfthorndike says:

Frustrating. So intriguing, but: still photos do not capture the essence of a robot.

sadcatclub says:

3:08 why do u have 2 assume resources for disabled ppl r actually just for lazy able-bodied ppl. what a dick

Eirik Berg says:

Honda's asimo is my favourite! Or the coolest looking atleast :)

Nick Wanko says:

I have no idea of what military robot I should be scared of haha. It's cool but there is a enourmus down side about these robots. the ones with the weapons and tactical shit. will all go against us. think about it!


my dad saw the B.E.A.R in war lol

PhaX Extersize says:

num 11 is on simpsons


is that were the simpsons got the seals from?

Ghost Thunder1337 says:

mlg comment
if you are a kid, go to your library at school
if you find an eyewitness book called ROBOT
it has some info about azimo you don't see here

David 000 (BannanaCabanaMana) says:

It's pronounced veea

Loreta Mitkuviene says:

robots will get bad and then they will take other the planet

Koco says:

2:24 that looks just like my brothers old stuffed animal

Robert Potter says:

Machine Guns, nukes, and a bandana? I think not… Anyone got an old Pizzaria? I got something for you! Also, paint it Golden… mwahaha haha. ..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! AHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHA. .. buys Pizzaria and hires secunity guards

Striker Alexandra J says:

Even after one year… your sense of humor still makes me laugh.

Gaming bros lol says:

i swear if the robot apacolilypse comes. i blame the chineas. and nasa.

James G says:

What About IBM Watson

Edona Zhuta says:

What's wrong with the mass one i mean not only guys can be heros

The Dirvish says:

I swear the guy in Number 9 is going to become a super villain.

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